Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time to Vote: Name this Post!

Okay, so you all gave us so many great suggestions for the post title! Thank you so much!! It was really hard to pick our top three, or four... I loved "Puddle Wonderful," which was suggested by my sweet friend Julia Gulia. But, I had to disqualify her because she is privy to lots of inside information about me - including my adoration of e.e. cummings poetry.

I also really liked Spank's somewhat dirty suggestions - "Rain On Me" and "Rain Over Me," but those both made me think of this...

Made with love by my very good friend Robs Swiss Miss.

...and that would lead to distraction. I'm sure you don't want to hear about Kemmett every Monday. Or maybe you do? *looks up hopefully* Okay, no.

So, after hours (or so) of poring over our choices - this how we came to our final choices...

Okay Meadow, so here are my top three. Send me yours.
Weekly Whimsy
The Rain Report
Rain Spouts

Okay, my favs are The Rain Report and Reading Rain-bow. I'm going to do the Geordi visor no matter what, so you might as well include it. ;) And, Cheryl seconded the Reading Rain-bow one, so that counts.

NOOOOOO! *stomps foot* Cheater.

So? *grins*

Fine! Then we're putting the vote to all four!

Weekly Whimsy - from ssherrill115
The Rain Report - from rxmeds96
Rain Spouts - from Monica (Mj)
and F*cking Reading Rain-bow - from MEADOW! (cheater)

I just snorted and almost choked on my twizzler. Seriously. I think we have to leave the title "F*cking Reading Rain-bow."

Okay, I'm dying at your "choking on your twizzler." Seriously?

*laughing maniacally* Well, here, choke on this...

OMG you are the f*cking master. I bow down to your genius. F*cking Reading Rain-bow might just win. And now I won't care because that is hilarious.

.... So that, my friends, is why you have four titles to choose from! Please vote and try, TRY not to let the visor influence your decision!

Psst... If the visor "Reading Rainbow: The Next Generation" wins, we'll do a random number drawing for a copy of Shiver. Because Rain is right, I cheated. And it was sooooo worth it. Also, that picture is now on my phone for every time Rain calls me. Mwahahahaha!

Dear Meadow, I'm never calling you again. Love, Rain


Voting is open until midnight, Sunday, EST! And, we made a handy little voting poll thingie for you to place your votes! (At the top of the sidebar.)


  1. LMFAO at the visor! God I love your faces.

  2. I like The Rain Report... but i'm good with anything just as long as u include a pic of Kellan! *grins*

  3. I vote for Reading Rainbow... one of my all time favorite shows. And also? I think you both are very cute. And vampire like.

  4. Okay, I admitted t loving Reading Rain-Bow in my original post (poossibly because I'm a total ST:TNG NERD and possibly because I used to watch Reading Rainbow like every day...) so I have to go for that!
    I love all the possible titles, but I truly think that one is briliant!

  5. I couldnt even come up with a good suggestion cuz every one I thought of was not NEAR as good as Reading Rain-bow! Sorry, Rain! Its adorable tho!

    But they all are very good, so any you choose would be great!

  6. sorry, rain....lovin' the Rainbow!! ;)

  7. I'm with the Reading Rain-bow. (sans visor) It's a cute throw-back as well as enhancing Rain's name. And think of the cute logo! You can even have little gleams of Kellan in the rainbow. *smiles*

  8. I'll have to go with Fucking Reading Rainbow.....I was too late with my suggestion- "The Rain Down"-take it how you will......but, whatever. you're fucking awesome whatever the name. mwa!

    -someone down the street. ;)

  9. Rain Report. Love the visor pic but not the title. Sorry Meadow :)

  10. @everyone - Thanks for the visor love! Seriously, I'm going to use that picture for Rain even when we're both in our 80s. *giggle* But... Did you see the nice little poll Rain made in the sidebar? Click on your fav title to vote! *cough*FuckingReadingRainbow*cough* ;)

  11. F*ing Reading Rain-Bow:

    Reasons why-
    1>Nice use of Rain's name
    2>Appropriate bc the show was about book rvws and suggestions (same theme as Rain's segment)
    3>It show you have a sense of humor and don't take yourself too seriously *not that we doubted that before
    4>I love the theme song of Reading Rainbow and will sing it each time I read your weekly blog segment
    5>The visor...oh yes, the visor ;)


  12. i had to vote for my own but still love Reading Rainbow, nothing like the banana hair clip geordi visor

  13. It sound be The Rain Report!

    I have spoken.

  14. come on people say it with me..... The Rain Report :)

  15. La Forge!

    Reading Rainbow


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