Friday, January 15, 2010

Help for Haiti - Twilight Style

We're sure you're aware of the crisis that faces the people of Haiti right now. In an effort to help, the amazing MsKathy is putting together an ebook compilation from over 100 fanfic authors. All you have to do is email her a copy of your receipt showing you donated at least $5 to any charity to help Haiti recover from this disaster. Then, on January 25th, you'll receive an email containing a PDF or Word doc of the stories. Click the link or picture below for more information:

We'd also like to share that Ginger's generous husband, Mr. Ginger, whose hobby is photography, is offering a free pic in HQ digital format to everyone who donates $5 through his site. 100% of the proceeds will go to Red Cross Disaster Relief in Haiti. Check it out and spread it around:

I'm incredibly proud of all of the ways this fandom has banded together to help in times of need. I will be writing a one-shot to be included in the compilation and I need your help: Leave a comment and tell me what you'd like to see me write.  I'll pick one as the prompt for my piece and will give whoever suggested it a shout-out.

Do you want something sweet? Something dark? Something lemony? If you want a fic where Bella is a video store clerk and Edward rents porn, I'll write it. (That's actually not a bad idea... Hmm...) *winking*

Aaaand.... GO!


  1. The rules said it could be anything...not even totally Twi-fanfic related. So I'd like to see a compilation bringing Edward, William the Bloody Spike, Eric Northman, & Simon Lewis together. Maybe it could be a piece about their differences as Vampires that could some how tell a moral story deep down they're all alike and it doesn't matter if they come from different Vamp worlds.

    Can't wait to read ANYTHING you decide to submit! I'm already on the recipient list. =)


  2. I actually came up with 2 ideas and I will let you pick which one you like the best. I know you like funny and I know you like dark so here goes.

    This one could be funny:
    I want something lemony - really lemony 'cause that's what I like. I would like for it to be B/E. Hhhhmmmmmm How about Band E are married with children. And they have the same issues we face - like finding a sippy cup full of chocolate milk under the seat in the car in the middle of the summer and it's been there a while... And they are trying to "spice" up their sex life with a little "dominance". The kids are at Grandmas and maybe Bella didn't realize how much she would like it and neither did he.

    A shameful, lusty, real life, lemony one-shot. Can you do that???

    And this one could be dark:
    How about the Cullens are an evil coven of vampires and they are fighting with Victora & James evil coven to rule the Western Seaboard. They are feeding on evil humans when one of the leaders of the Cullens - Edward comes across a human that he can't resist and wants to bring into the evil fold but she is good and innocent - then once Victoria and James find out they want to eat her for lunch. And Edward must save her from them and from himself... Little does he know but she is just as evil as he is - she has a secret that he doesn't know about and ends up being a danger to his whole family. He must choose between the woman he loves and his family all while trying to keep James and Victoria's minions away from her.

    I'll let you pick. I love you and I am excited to see where you go with this.

  3. I know that it's only me and Diane here and I'm coming up with more and more ideas to choose from. But I was thinking in the car, what if B and E were Married and he cheated with Jane and she ended up being a fatal attraction like Glenn Close only she was a vampire. That would be cool to read. And Bella could kill her in the end. Except no bunny boiling k?

  4. Okay everyone, don't shoot me... I've come up with my idea. I'm doing a ST:TNG/Twilight crossover/crackfic. Admit it, Laurent would make a perfect Guinan.


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