Monday, January 11, 2010

Name This Post... Please!

First things first. We need a title for this weekly post! Each week, I’ll share what I’m reading along with books I’ve recently finished and what I think about them. Sometimes it will include spoilers, but don’t worry, I’ll always alert, and sometimes it will just be a chance for me to share my thoughts on a book and hopefully hear back from you all with your thoughts.

I don’t know if you’ve read the "About Us" but I suck royally at titles. It’s true. I asked Meadow for her input on this and she quickly suggested “Reading Rain-bow,” which I have rejected. Not because it’s horrible, but because when I considered it for a minute, she responded by saying, “Yay! I get to make Lavar Burton jokes! Can I photoshop you with a Geordi visor??"

sidebra with visors on the cups:
Lavarr Burton was the host on Reading Rainbow. He was also this guy who wore a visor on Star Trek.

So, yeah, that’s out. And here’s the part where I beg
ask for your help so I don’t end up with a visor photoshopped over my face. I’m so desperate for that not to happen that I’m offering up a prize for the person who picks the winning title - a free book! So, leave your suggestions in the comments – I’m open to anything that does not lead to Lavarr Burton jokes. Meadow and I will pick our top three and then put it to vote – the winner will receive a copy of Maggie Steifvater’s wonderful book, Shiver, because it’s one of my most favorite books, and she is one of my most favorite writers. You should seriously check out her site - she's adorable.

And if you’ve read Shiver, then we’ll pick something else – either way – free book!

As for what I'm reading this week... well, I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I can't lie - I'm reading New Moon right now. *sheepish grin* I'm re-reading because I was waiting for a big old shipment of books to come to my doorstep and I grabbed New Moon off the shelf to compare it with the movie (it's been a while since I've read it - I usually skip it). I have to say, it’s amazing how different my reaction to the book is now that I’ve seen the movie. New Moon was always my least favorite in the Twilight saga, but now I really love it. I finally get it. In my past readings, I would scurry through until the end, but this time I was really interested in Jacob's character and actually began understand him better. *clamps hand over mouth* Wait, did I really just say that? *sighs* Yes, yes I did.

And, again, please! Leave your suggestions for titles in the comments! Please spare me the visor!!


  1. Okay, I have to admit that I do kind of love the Reading Rain-Bow concept... I can fully appreciate your reservations about getting the Geordi La Forge visor treatment though, so moving along...
    The best I can think of at the moment is Books for a Rain-y Day...
    I shall continue to attempt to kick the brain into functional mode and see if I can come up with something better. :)

  2. Rain Showers (?)I too, areno good at titles.

  3. Hmmm, thought about it...

    Rain's Storming!!!

    ... again!

    ;) It's the best I have right now, lol!
    I'll come back if anything else pops up!

    I think I'm the only one who hasn't read Shiver yet... sigh... Thanks for the recommendation :)

    Good luck! hugs, margie

  4. You're not the only one Margie... I haven't read it either, but after checking out the blurb about it over at, I HAVE TO GET READ THAT BOOK!

    I came up with "tRain of Thought" earlier today, but that would more suit a blog than a book review section... Still working on coming up with something better...

  5. Ok - here's my entry - I hope you like it and don't think it's corny:

    Weekly Whimsy

    Let me know what you think. I love the blog - and I love you girls too!

  6. Good stuff!! I love this! Keep em coming!!

  7. "A Rain Review" like rave review
    "Rain Check"
    "The Rain Report"
    "Rate as Rain"

  8. I want to see you with a Geordi visor, so I vote for Reading Rain-bow, and if you go with a different title, I still expect to see you with a Geordi visor (cough, cough, Meadow... get to work on that). ;)

  9. Wait.. that sounds dirty. Rain Over Me? Yeah, that sounds dirty too. Why was I born a frat-boy in a chick's body?

  10. I rather like Reading Rain-bow, but can see where your reservations are coming from. I'm thinking out loud here:

    The Umbrella Report (get it, rain, umbrella ahem.)

    Don't Rain on my Parade (or) Raining on your Parade

    Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

  11. Thought of more:

    Puddle Hopping

    Grab Your Galoshes!

  12. Muddle Thoughts!

    Maybe not, sounds muddy, lol!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I suck at this too. But Rainproof Recs...otherwise,I vote for Spank's entries

  15. Another one....Rain's Forecast

  16. I say:

    Rain Gutter (or Rain's Gutter) (as in your brain is in it hehe)

    Rain's Spouts?

  17. When it Rains it storms
    okay depending on day of the week,
    Monday Showers with Rain ( day of week can be changed)
    Rainy's showers bring mindful flowers !
    i shall come back with more.

  18. Rains Refreshing Roundup
    Kisses of Rain
    Dancing in the Rain
    Rains Drops of Wisdom
    Blame in on Rain
    Rains Philosophy
    Bring on the Rain
    The Rain Effect
    I could go on for a while here, so yeah lol

  19. Hope this isnt a repeat;

    "It's Raining Books!"

  20. Puddle Wonderful! After our fav. ee cummings!

    -Julia Gulia

  21. these are all pretty good...
    how about:

    Rain droplets to read

    thats the best i could do... :P

  22. Well, better late than never, no? There have been some damn good suggestions already - so I'm kinda limited ;) Not sure if you're sticking with a particular day of the week, but here goes:

    Textually Titillating Tuesday
    Fanciful Friday Fic-ery

    OK, so I'm coming up blank right now, but I'll be back with more!


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