Sunday, January 10, 2010

Books Have Pretty Boys

I'm pretty sure everyone has seen this by now, but seriously, how could I not post it? Emmett and Stefan together? It's like the Cosmo people were sitting around and said, "You know, we like Rain. Let's give her a special treat." I'm pretty sure they were also trying to kill me because upon watching the video, I first lost the power of coherent thought, then lost the power of speech, and finally, I think I stopped breathing. I'm sure Meadow can attest to this, as she and I were on the phone trying to have a serious blog-business conversation.

So, let's link this back to book-talk, shall we? Obviously both characters are from books, so that's easy, but Meadow also asked me if Stefan and Emmett looked like my version of Stefan and Emmett. That got us talking about how we imagine characters when we read and our reactions when they are cast for the screen - big or small.

Kellan is a perfect Emmett for me - big, beefy... and that silly grin. He's perfect. And, honestly, Stefan and Damon are perfect too. When I heard The Vampire Diaries was going to be a tv show, I immediately googled the cast and was extremely happy with both choices. And Paul Wesley as Stefan does have sex hair- almost, but not quite, just like Rob as Edward, so that didn't hurt. And Damon...his character is dark, dangerous, and sexy. Ian Somerhalder is easily all that and more, so I was not disappointed there either.

But, truth be told, when I'm reading the characters are usually pretty hazy. I'm extremely plot driven, so the details of a character are often more vague in my mind than say, the setting or the action. It's not until a second reading that a character really starts to become fully realized in my reading. All that being said, I've completely cast The Hunger Games film, but that's for another post.

*laughing* Yes, I'm on the phone with her chatting away about the sidebar and icons and serious stuff, and she goes all incoherent-drooling-pile-of-estrogen on me. But, having watched the video, I can kinda understand. *wink*

As for book characterizations vs. movie/tv characterizations, I tend to find that my mental image is vague UNTIL a role has been cast and I realize I don't agree. Like, Rosalie. Did I have a clear idea of what she looked like? No. But I sure as hell knew she didn't look like Nikki Reed.

*nods head in assent with Meadow* So what about you all? Do the "real-life" versions of your leading literary men, or women, let you down? Or do they make it more fun to read, and re-read?

sidebra with fleece underwire: Meadow, I did my homework and watched the Hangover and yes, Bradley Cooper is perfect for your James in Frozen Spring.


  1. Well I had not seen that video so thank you for sharing (might have just watched it more than once). Must go watch The Hangover now so I can see James.

  2. I hadn't seen the vid either - uber hot, so thanks for posting. I think it was a public service to all women!

  3. I'm still researching this video that you have posted above - I may need to view it a couple more times.

    I find that if I watch the movie/tv show first, I like the book more. If I read the book first, I like the movie/tv show less.

    Maybe I'm strange like that. But I can say that I read a lot of Fan Fiction and (don't tell my readers) but my version of Edward isn't EXACTLY Robert Pattinson. I kinda make him older (maybe because I am older) and he ALWAYS has a European Accent even though he doesn't in the movies. That's just me I guess.

    Thanks for the video!
    Southern Fan Fiction Review

  4. i tend to try to read the book before i see a tv/movie because I generally like the book better than the movie (more story in a book that can't be put into movies) I like to imagine a character and don't want to think about an actor when i first read. I agree with ssherrill115 in that in my perusing of the enormous amt of FanFic that i read i generally don't picture Robert Pattinson as my edward *ducks head and runs for cover*

  5. I hadn't seen that video either, but seriously...after watching it...took me like a good 10 minutes before I could read anything below!! Just...YUM! I didn't read The Vampire Diaries-I didn't even know that they were books until after the show started. So I can't comment on the Stefan Damon aspect, but I can comment on the Twilight cast.

    I was very happy with the entire cast minus Rosalie. Nikki Reid is not at all who I pictured as Rosalie. I'm not sure that I could place an actress in that role, but it definitely isn't her. It doesn't take away from the movie experience for me though. I was very excited to see Rob cast as Edward. He isn't exactly who I pictured while reading the book, but again I don't think I could place an actor in that role.

    The other series I want to comment on is Harry Potter (since I've been drooling on the screen for the last two hours over a yummy RPatzz/Cedric...ABCFamily is having a Harry Potter weekend). I read the series and I think I re-read the first book like 18 times before the movie came out. I didn't research online who the cast was and made my decisions at the theater. I was also very happy with the cast of Harry Potter. I think they did a great job with that!!

    So now that I'm done with all my rambling...there's my opinion!! LOL! :) Great post girls!!

  6. Okay I am slightly shocked that you found a way to weasle in Gaymett in your first week. *shakes head no* - Now. Onto the question at hand. I had a vision for Jace (Mortal Instruments) and then saw Alex Pettyfer (largly regarded as THE Jace) and thought perhaps Edward Cullen read my mind. Of course then he also likely read a lot of things pertaining to his brother, Jasper...

    ... which brings me to my next point. It is not typical that I SEE a character while reading. I rely a lot on what is described and form a generalization in my head (Jace notwithstanding).

    But since we're all somewhat *snickers* Twilight obsessed I will say that upon seeing Jackson Rathbone as Jasper I wanted to bear hug the casting director.

    As with Meadow, Nikki Reed is NOT the embodiment of Rosalie Hale AT. ALL. I mean given the fact that she says NOTHING could they not have just plucked some hottie from the runway and saved us from all this ... Ikki?

  7. I'm so glad y'all gave us your opinions on casting! It's so true, I actually don't ALWAYS imagine RP as my Edward, so you're safe SSherrill15 & RXMeds96.

    I don't (yet) have a Jace. My Jace is yummy and exists solely in my mind. As for the Nikki/Rose issue, I should've mentioned it above but after polling Twitter I found someone who can pull Rose off: Blake Lively.

  8. *fanning self* Stefan is so hot. I'd like to be in the middle of a Stefan-Damon sandwich. Oh, I'm sorry, did you ask a question? Right. I have to admit that my Edward looked NOTHING like Rob. He looked a little more like Michael Easton (Google him; you won't be sorry). And Bella? Well, she looked like me. :)

  9. That's so funny Cheryl because when I was reading Twilight Alice looked EXACTLY like a 5'8 tall girl with long dark hair with a Sicilian heritage. They really messed up on casting the girls...

  10. I don't get any ideas about what the characters look like when I read. If you were to ask me who I think should be cast in The Hunger Games, or any book for that matter, I would have no idea what to say. But once I see who's been cast, I read the books again and see them.

    I like the cast of Twilight because they were pretty much unknown. I guess I just like that I don't really picture them with any other character. Except for Rob as Cedric Diggory and Jackson as that girl serial killer on Criminal Minds....

  11. I had seen that video before... but HAD to watch it again! I love Paul Wesley... I liked him first from that Fallen tv movie that he did a few years back, so I was thrilled to see him Vampire Diaries! Yum...

    Anyway! When I'm reading, I usually have a body image of my characters, but the face is usually fuzzy. Unless, on rare occasions, they remind me of someone I knew in real life. By the time I had read Twilight, I'd already seen a picture of the cast, so I knew what they looked like. But after reading, the only ones I didn't agree with were Rosalie and Jasper. Nothing against Nikki or Jackson, they just weren't what I'd pictured. And yes, Blake Lively might have been able to pull that off Meadow! :)
    When I read the books now, Bella starts off as Kstew in my head and Edward starts off as Rob, but then they start to morph a little as I get into it. No matter HOW gorgeous Rob can be, Edward in my head still looks a little different. A little more beautiful. And Bella, well... maybe she looks more like me? I don't know. She's always a brunette, of course, but she's not always Kstew by the end. Make sense?

  12. Oh! They only other character that was totally wrong for me was Jane/Dakota. When I read the book, I always pictured her as older looking... like much older looking. If you've seen Harry Potter, I thought of Delores Umbridge the entire time. So then when they cast Dakota, I was so thrown off! Yeah, yeah... face like a cherub or whatever... I see didn't see Jane as a young girl.


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