Friday, January 15, 2010

Twiday: Scrapbooking with Bella

Sidebra with embroidered apples: So you all will understand if we indulge in a bit of Twilight at least once a week, right? Because, we don't have the strength to stay away anymore. We decided that Fridays at Whimsical Fic-ery will now be Twidays! Happy Twiday!

While watching New Moon I noticed something that I feel must be addressed to Bella directly:

Bella, Bella, Bella... Honey, you are quite possibly the worst scrapbooker I've ever encountered. Even my four-year-old would do a better job. Your mother did such a nice job of picking out a scrapbook and you resort to *shudder* Scotch Tape? And not even the invisible kind. *sigh*

Allow me to give you some tips.

First, if you MUST use scotch tape, do the little "fold it over into an 'O'" trick and put it on the BACK of the picture.

Second, today's new-fangled printers have this neat-o option called "Zoom" and "Crop." Maybe you should try it next time you want to cut your boring human self out of a picture with your God-like vampire boyfriend. Folding the picture in half is so 1995.

Third, I realize you're not a "girly-girl," but, really, c'mon. You couldn't even put in sticker? How about a ticket stub from some rom-com Edward took you to so that you'd forget how much you wanted to jump him? Maybe copy a page from Romeo and Juliet and use it as a background. SOMETHING.

Gee Meadow, I didn't know were such a serious scrapbooker. *imagines Meadow o-taping pictures of Rob into her scrapbook with big puffy hearts around them*

*glaring at Rain* I take my scrapbooking very seriously Rain. I use acid-free paper and tape so that the pictures don't fade.

Also, I don't scrap pictures of Rob. That would be sad. I only scrap ones of Rob as Edward. There's a difference.

Right, right. Of course there's a difference. *shakes head no*


  1. Remind me never to show you my attempt at scrapbooking. I'm scared to see Meadow's reaction. She might hulk out on me.

  2. Someone get that girl some glue dots STAT!

    I have to admit that I thought the same thing about her scrapbooking skills when I saw the movie.

  3. I was at least impressed that they kept that scene in there, despite all the others they kept out. Like Edward HIDING the picture and other things under her floorboards... *sigh*

    I don't scrapbook like the big guns, but I use my photo albums like scrap books sometimes, sticking other little odds and ends in there.

  4. After more thought, I wonder if Edward did not hide her things because she did not use the acid free tape and therefore the items would fade on thier own. Clearly I am thinking too much about this issue!

  5. I totally noticed this! Why would her mom buy her a sbook and NOT a taperunner??? Hell-o!

  6. *laughs* NIIIICE!! hey but u've got a point there... not a real serious scrapbooker but hey!! it's true n makes sense... uhmmmm... n sure there's a difference *looking at Meadow like she has a third eye* riiiight!

  7. And this is why we leave the pretty things to you Meadow. I would fail Scrapbooking 101.

    "Maybe you should try it next time you want to cut your boring human self out of a picture with your God-like vampire boyfriend." <-- this made me laugh so hard.

  8. I am SO glad this discussion was able to make it to the blogesphere and I am laughing my ass off right now... You both are and always will be briliantly funny. xoxo

  9. You two are funny. I mean, really funny.

    Speaking of, Twilight: I saw yesterday a Twilight parody by someone at the Harvard Review? Anyone read it? I only barely chuckled at the back cover.

  10. This post made me squee out loud, Meadow. Hubby died laughing during this scene b/c I let out an audible gasp when I saw her adhere tape to the picture. :)


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