Friday, July 2, 2010

Lazy Book Club for June: The Iron King UPDATE

I really hope you've all had a chance to read The Iron King and loved it as much as we did. However, since this is a holiday weekend for us here in the US (and since Rain has had her hands full at home lately *waving to the new baby*) we've decided to extend the commenting deadline to midnight tomorrow, July 3rd.

So, if you haven't finished yet, SPEED READ! (Just kidding.) Take it slowly and enjoy it! If you have finished but haven't had a chance to comment yet, fill out the form NOW! And don't forget, by filling out the form you're entered to win a Whimsical Fic-ery mug of your choice! C'mon! DEW EET!!! I've made it easy and put the link below:

Book Club Comments

Happy 4th of July to our American Readers! Enjoy the holiday and read a good book or two! See ya next week!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reading Rain-bow: Prom Dates From Hell

Hey everyone! I'm giving Rain the day off because I read an AWESOME series while on vacation last week and just HAD to recommend it to y'all. I realize that that might seem like overly high praise, but trust me on this one. If Nancy Drew and Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a psychic love child, and then wrote about her, this would be the result.


"Prom Dates from Hell" is the first of three books featuring Maggie Quinn, a reluctant psychic who has inherited "the Sight" from her Irish grandmother. She's fought and denied her ability all of her life. Finally, during her senior year of high school, bad things seem to be happening all around her, and turning a blind eye to her gift could leave her dead. How do you go from flat-out denial to fighting the forces of Evil-with-a-capital-E?

Sound intriguing? Exactly. Maggie is funny, self-deprecating, smart, heroic, and in way over her head. But she's not exactly alone. There's her snarky-best-friend Lisa, who is a self-described "evil genius." (Which I LOVE. I can respect some straight up Dark Side appreciation.) Throughout the three books their relationship shifts somewhat, but I love the exploration of loyalty and friendship that Rosemary Clement-Moore takes us on. Maggie's parents are very real characters who don't overwhelm the book, but provide a realistic support system, and Gran, well... I love Gran. You will too. I wish she'd read my tea leaves.

And, of course, there's a love interest. He's Maggie's perfect balance and I refuse to spoil it by saying anything but, um, yeah. Nancy and Ned have nothing on Maggie and I'm-not-spoiling-by-telling-you-his-name. So, go read these books! (That's right, there are three in the series so far.) There's action (near death experiences and demonic invasions!), there's romance (uh, he-who-I-won't-name, anyone?), and there's mystery (did I mention demonic forces? I did?) They're fun, fast, and really really good. (AND, if you've read them and have questions for the author, let me know. She's graciously agreed to do an author interview for the blog!)

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