Friday, January 8, 2010

The Birth of a Blog

*waving* Hello everyone! After our Twilight blog ended, Rain and I decided to continue on in a slightly broader format. Here's a glimpse at the intimate conversations that brought us to this new venture:

SCENE: Roughly a week ago. Facebook Inbox.

So, Rain. I'm bored. Wanna start a blog?

Really? Seriously? Because I'm so bored! So, what would we talk about?

Hmm... Well, I love Twilight exponentially more than as much as the next gal, but I'm more than just Twilight. I'm also incredibly obsessed with other things. You know, like writing. And reading Twi... I mean, reading other books. Think people would want to read about that?

I think so. I mean, I love Twilight too but I do read other things too. *glances around at the piles of books on the floor* Yeah, I think I could talk about books. But, you know I can't discuss books without also wanting to discuss the movies and tv shows that they make from books. I mean, how could I not talk about the Salvatore brothers and Edward and Emmett and hopefully someday Gale and Peeta and Jace and Sam? I need that loophole.

Oh, totally! And, you know, when I write sometimes I listen to music. So we can include music, too! Right?

Sure! *thinking* Why don't we just discuss whatever we want to talk about? I could do a weekly update on what I'm reading. I probably shouldn't do strict reviews because, 1. I hate reviews and don't read them, and 2. I find it hard to say mean things about a book - even when it sucks. Unless it really sucks. But I'd love to share what I'm reading and hear what other people think too.
And you could still do you fan-fic updates right?

Ooh, yes! And "whatever we want" is so... so... freeing. Especially since I tend to rant. *whispering* Does this include makeup? Because this lipstick I just got is ah-mayze-ing! *worried look* But, can I still rant? I tend to rant a lot...

I do love that lipstick... so, sure! And yes, I love it when you go all Meadow Rooney and rant away. It's my most favorite thing.
And, can we be a bit more personal? You know I loved 'working' as a superhero but maybe since we hung up our capes we could show a bit more of our true selves? Like, *ahem* my true hair color?

*laughing* But, I do look like my avatar! *shaking my head* Okay, not really. But I do make that face often:

Oops. Look at that. I just "outed" myself, didn't I?

You sure did. Full frontal! I was inspired to snap a shot too...
Hi I'm drunk and I like books!

*laughing hysterically* That works! After all, we are both usually drunk AND like books! *winking*

How about this one? It says "I don't believe you've ever really read a book."

*snorts* Oh that's perfect! What does this one say to you?

Ooh, you look like you're gonna beat me with your book. I kinda like it. *snicker*

Who's the resident bitch now? Hmmm?

I think Bitchtown has expanded to Population: 2.

"Why are you bothering me while I'm reading this book? Hmm?"

I'm pretty sure that's the same look Mr. Rain and Baby Showers get daily from me when they interrupt my precious reading time.

Oh, and we all know you loooooove books. Like this picture. It says to me: "I want to read you some smut. Naked."

*giggle* "Do you want me to read you a lemony story?"

SCENE: A while later, after we'd sobered up and stopped laughing at ourselves.

So... The consensus is that we should do a blog, based on our love of fiction and all things funky, odd, irritating, and any other general tomfoolery. Like the fact that I imagine Bradley Cooper in all his yummy deliciousness as my James in Frozen Spring. (Think about it. It so works.) Or the fact that I am convinced that pandas are incredible assholes.

*confused look* Um, Meadow... are pandas some sort of code word in fanfic speak? You know, like lemons? And who the f*ck is Bradley Cooper? *shakes head* Anyway, I am so excited to talk about a bunch of random nothingness! Even if you don't like pandas.

No, it's just a fact: pandas are bastards. And this is Bradley Cooper. You know, that guy from The Hangover!

You really need to take your nose out of a book and watch a movie sometime. *wink*


That, my friends and readers, is how this blog came to be. So what is it? It's a blog about books, fiction (fan and otherwise), and anything else that seems remotely related to that in our minds. We hope you enjoy this Whimsical Fu.. I mean, FICery. *smirks and points to blog header*


  1. YES!! HELLO??!!! Fellow book lover here. I also love tomfoolery. You can ask Rain about this. She knows about my love of all things Tom Foolery. Love this new blog. Really. I do.

    Also? You 2 are some sexy, foxy ladies.

  2. You girls crack me up! Congrats on the new blog. Can't wait to read more. <3

  3. I still cannot believe Rain is not a blonde. *shakes head muttering* You think you know someone...

  4. So glad to see you ladies continue to blog! You make me laugh!

  5. Hi!!! *waved like a lunatic* I'm so glad you guys are back in the blogging business. And full frontal out. *schwing!* You guys are awesome, and can't wait for the shenanigans to ensue. *cocks eyebrow* Woot!

  6. Oh what fun and fic-ery we have to look forward to!!

  7. This post makes me want to do the happy happy, joy joy dance. SO excited for the fuc... I mean fic-ery you have in store for us! *SQUEE!*

  8. Congrats on your new blog, ladies. So far you're making me giggle, so, good start. I also love books, though I've been suspiciously tied to my computer for the last, oh, eight months or so, and those paper-bound contraptions spread all around my house have been neglected in favor of fanfiction. But I swear I'll get back to them!!! Really!

  9. yippee, i was happy to see ginger and spank with their blog now you guys too. I must confess i am a book whore too (my husband bought me a kindle for xmas so i can download them now)

  10. ok - I didn't know who the Bradley Cooper guy was either - but I can totally see him as your James in Frozen Spring! I love it when I get a visual.

    I was also shocked to see that Rain didn't have blond hair in real life because I knew how much Meadow looks like her aviti. You ladies are seriously beautiful!!! You could be book models or some shit. Rain could totally pull off a "Book Dom" role with that one picture and Meadow - them is some luscious lips you got going for you girl. But WTF to you have against Panda's - they are so sweet and cuddly... (I love to get her riled up)

    I am looking forward to following this blog and making new friends - so excited to see spank making comments I love her too!!!

  11. I am so happy to see that all u superheroes have found something to do, wether ur apart or together! I still miss all of u but at least now I can see how u have all grown seperately!!

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  13. I just saw this and I'm so excited for you two! Can't wait to see all the f*ckery, or I mean fic-ery on the blog!

  14. You guys are sooooo funny! Thank GOD you were bored and decided to start a blog, because I was too and going insane out of my mind. And I always need some good advise for fan-fiction and people like you girls to share my addiction with!
    And I have missed you!

  15. OMG!!! did u... did u guys... *rubs eyes* yeah i'm not daydreaming or anything!! omg!! i loooove to see u guys having this blog n HALE YEAH! bout books n fanfic!! i heart u guys, seriously!!! can't wait to see what happens now xD

  16. You guys are cracking me up with your pics!!!! Still love ya so keep it coming! And what is Frozen Springs?

  17. OMG STARDUST! Swoon... I seriously just swooned.

    YAAAY! I am so excited we get to talk about all things young adult.

    I just picked up my first meg cabot read. Can I just say there's a reason she's like the princess of YA!


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