Monday, February 8, 2010

Reading Rainbow: The WAKE Series by Lisa McMann

I had planned to rec a different book this week, but I just finished GONE by Lisa McMann today, and I think you all need to read this series. Yesterday, I re-read FADE in anticipation of reading GONE, and then today I read GONE in five hours. Yes. It's that good.

If you've read WAKE and FADE, then I know you are going to read GONE, so I'm just going to talk about the series as a whole, for those who haven't read any of them yet. The basic premise is that the main character, Janie, is a "dream catcher." This means she gets sucked into dreams if she is near anyone who is asleep (and dreaming). The first book, WAKE, deals with her learning more about this power that she has, while the second deals with the repercussions. They're not good. At first, Janie can't control being sucked into dreams, and the effects it has on her physical self are scary, to say the least. The three books put together are the story of her coming to terms with her ability and how she can use it, or not. It's her choice in the end.

I love, love, love the writing style in these books. Its a stream-of-consciousness style, but it's done so amazing well that even the sentence, "Ethel hums," had an emotive effect on me. (Ethel is a car, by the way.) This is extremely effective in telling Janie's story, as she is basically on a journey of self-discovery and the short, but emotionally packed sentences force you to almost feel what Janie is feeling.

And, of course, there is a boy. I won't say much about Cabel, but he's a wonderfully written character - the kind of person you'd like to meet, and be friends with in real life. If I say too much, I'll have to have spoiler alerts, so I'll refrain.

These books aren't "easy" reads. Yes, they are "quick" reads, but only because you won't want to put them down. The writing style is very different, and may take a moment to get used to, but trust me when I say it's worth it. It's perfect for these stories and Lisa McMann masters it in this trilogy. I definitely recommend reading all three books in the WAKE series.

Read a review of GONE by Mundie Moms here and @katarinasmama's review at Page Turner's Blog here.


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  2. You make such a good point. They are not "easy" books in spite of their relative small size and easy to read style. But the writing, oh the writing, it's so precise like you pointed out that a mere sentence like, "Ethel hums." tells you everything you need to know.

    If you have reluctant teenage readers, these are definitely the books for them. And if your TBR pile is at the tipping stage, squeeze this trilogy in first. You'll get through it quickly, but the impression it leaves will be long lasting. If you're an aspiring writer, read them -- NOW. Lisa's style is unique in the YA world.

    I won't forget the romantics in all of us,so let me add that Cabel is The Perfect Boyfriend for any girl, but especially for Janie. He is so incredibly well written. His POV from the first book, WAKE is still available here on Lisa's site:

    Awesome review Rain. Thank you again for promoting a book and a series that I'm happy to have on my shelves.

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  5. I'm at Borders in tomorrow bright and early getting GONE! YEAH! The wait is over!!! I really hope Janie doesn't go blind...

  6. I read "Wake" a couple weeks ago and am dying for "Fade" and "Gone"...I'm glad they're both out now so I won't have to wait! I agree, Lisa McMann's style is amazing.

  7. well Rain, i got Shiver that u sent and was great (esp in hot tub) and just finished reading Hunger Games on Kindle but am so mad that Catching Fire is not on Kindle yet. Haven't read any of these yet, Wake and Fade are Kindle but Gone isn't so maybe I will wait

  8. I've been waiting for Gone to come out before I started on the journey begins :)

    BTW what books are you 2 reading in your avatar pics?


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