Thursday, February 4, 2010

Twidays: Kemmett's Panty Lines

Okay, so I'm sure you all have seen the recent pictures of Mr. Lutz in his skivvies floating around the interwebs. You have seen them, right? Okay, well, if you haven't go here and take a gander. It's worth it. I'll wait....

See, I told you! Okay, so staring at Kemmett got me to thinking about a little bet that Spank and I had for New Moon - we bet how many lines Emmett would have in the movie. I said that he would have seven. I was WRONG. He had three. My penance is that I am not allowed to make fun of a certain Twilight character's hair until Eclipse is released. (Only 145 more days!) Anyway, Spank and I have discussed going double-or-nothing for Eclipse. If I win, she does not get to mention her theory on Gaymett, but if I lose, then no hair-bashing until Breaking Dawn...which might be released before the next century if we're lucky.

I just recently re-read Eclipse and I'm thinking of going with seven again. It sounds good. I have not read the script for Eclipse because that would be cheating. And I don't have a copy of the script anyway. I mean, what script? *looks over my shoulder*

So, what do you all think? Seven? Too high? Too low? And don't tell Spank that you're helping me! *snickers*

Also, because I couldn't help myself, I made a little video to celebrate Kellan's big (BIG) reveal this week. Enjoy!

A big thank you to kellanlutzonline and @zoomage's myspace album for many of the images in this video.


  1. I love you. That is all. #youregoingtolose #jasperonahorse #breakingdawnwillneverbemade #nessiescaresme

    ... Also, if they made a movie about Jasper's life it would be compelling. If they made a movie about Emmett's life it would be a 30 second short. #chewonthat

  2. #nessiescaresme might be my favorite new hashtag.

    Make the over/under five lines. I think that actors are compensated according to the number of lines they have, so they might keep his low so as to save money. Not as though they spend it on anything else... like better sparkle effects.

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  4. *recovers from the vibrations* Ohh. *wipes drool* now that I *snaps my head towards Rains direction* and why did you photoshop me out of every photo? *snickers* LOOOVED IT!


  5. I'm hoping Emmett has more lines this time! He deserves it, especially with all the extra Cullen time you know we're going to get! :)

  6. I think he could have more than 7. There's the altercation of accidentally stepping on Wolf land incident, the training scenes (well, do grunts count). Oh who am I'll probably be 4. Poor Kemmett.

  7. Holy vampire, those CK pics are HAWT. I *hope* he has 7- he's so underused. Sigh.

  8. Wow. Just wow. That video is your best ever! First of all, because of the subject matter. Second, you busted out some Funky Bunch - woot! Third, well fitting underpants. Enough said.

    Honestly, I think Emmett will have a bigger presence in Eclipse than the other three (or four) movies. But it pains me to admit that Jasper is gonna have the advantage of the flashbacks and being the teacher for everyone's fight training.

    I think Kellan's current hairstyle is desensitizing me in preparation for the onslaught of poodle hair next June (sorry Spank!).

  9. *growls at @Rob's Swiss Miss, grumbling* poodle hair... *yells* HE'S STILL SCHMEXY!


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