Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love, Literary Style

A few weeks back, we promised a post about our favorite Happily Ever Afters, and I think it's high time we delivered.

Meadow and I were actually discussing this on chat and at the exact same moment we both typed our favorite HEA, which happened to be the same: Mr. Darcy! Who among us does not give a big dreamy *sigh* when you hear that name? Okay, Colin Firth might have something to do with it.

*sigh* I'm almost positive that Mr. Darcy elicited dreamy sighs long before Colin Firth played him. So, that is definitely our first HAE favorite. Meadow, care to elaborate?

What? Oh, sorry, I busy sighing dreamily at that picture.

I think part of the reason why Darcy and Elizabeth are a constant favorite is because they aren't perfect people but they are perfect for each other. It makes them so easy to relate to in that respect. None of us are perfect, but we still believe that there is a perfect love out there for us.

Well said Meadow. And sometimes the "happy" endings aren't really all that happy, but the best case scenario in terms of the protaganist. I'm thinking of GONE (it's very fresh in my head, obviously), Harry Potter, which we've discussed, and The Time Traveler's Wife. I absolutely adored that ending, even though it's a far cry from being a traditional HEA. Hmmm... I'm getting off track, aren't I?

A HAE that I really loved was the ending of the Mortal Instruments series. The great thing about this, however, is that Cassandra Clare is continuing the story in her next novel, and apparently, things aren't as "happy" as it might have seemed when MI ended. I'm excited to see how that plays out.

And, you know, it's really hard to talk about our favorite HEA without spoilers!

Well, I think people understand that we're not all about the spoiling. We won't say WHY these endings are happy. Happy is in the eye of the beholder, right?

True, but if I say that I loved the Happy Ending in a book, then that might give things away... And you know how I feel about spoilers.

Well, to keep from spoiling (and in honor of Valentine's Day), we'll just list our favorite couples.

Okay, but in order to protect our readers from spoilers, I'm going to use pseudonyms.

Oooh, it'll be like a game. One with no winner, no rules, and no prizes. So, not like a game at all. Anyway, carry on.

Favorite Couples:
Greta and Sol!
Jayson and Carrie!
Alex and Marcus!
Caleb and Janice!
Edward and Bella! (Oops! SPOILER! Real names on that one.)

*giggling* Dammit Rain! You were supposed to type Cedward and Stella! *mock exasperation* ANYWAY, what about:
Roger and Julia!
Barry and Jenny!
Don and Wermione!
Bella and Jasper! Oh, wait, that's fanfic...

Steven and Malena!
Herbie and Cait!
Evan and Lola!

Shookie and Will!
Shookie and Derrick!

Shookie and Minn!

Wow, Shookie's a ho. Wait, can I say that?

Why not? She is. Of course, I'd be a ho too around Derrick. And Minn. But not Will.

No, never Will. He's too much of a bussy.

*shaking with silent laughter* Can't breathe!

ANYWAY, who are your favorite literary couples? Feel free to use pseudonyms to protect the innocent - or the slow readers. *wink*


  1. Favorite literary characters...hmmm. Is it a bad thing no names are coming to mind right now? I haven't had my coffee yet. Let me think.

    I can tell you this, it is NOT Bella and Edward. Is it bad I wanted Bella to fall off a cliff or get eaten by a bear or something? And I am pretty sure that having a reader of your book want to kill The Girl in your books is not a good thing. Or Allie and Noah. Yuck.

    Since I can't think of any favorite literary characters offhand, let me give you a few of my favorite Movie Couples:
    Mia and Marcellus Wallace
    Alabama and Clarence
    Buttercup and Westley
    Samantha and Jake Ryan
    Jennifer Cavalleri and Oliver Barrett IV
    Mathilde and Manech
    Lady and Tramp
    Derek Zoolander and Matilda
    And finally, a couple that shoulda coulda woulda:
    Jareth and Sarah
    *thank Gawd for Labyrinth fanfiction*

  2. *looks above* OOOoooh Jareth and Sarah! That would definitely be a couple.

    Oh, yes, well...Edward and Bella are definitely up there. Ethan and Lena. Archer and Sophie. And let's not forget Rhett and Scarlett.

  3. And oh, how could I forget Jace and Clary. Magnus and Alec. Simon and ??? well, we shall see in City of Fallen Angels. I'm cheering for Isabelle.


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