Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter: The Memories!

Good Morning! Happy Harry Potter 7.2 Day! I'm assuming some of you are sleepy today after braving the midnight showing! If so, I'm a little bit jealous. But, I'm also excited because I'm seeing it this weekend with my husband. This is one of the things that we always do together, so I have to wait for him. And I'm okay with that because it's fun that he actually gets into Harry Potter with me.

Since this is The End *sob*, we thought it would be fun to share our favorite Harry Potter memories. And this includes you all as well! We definitely want to hear yours.

I know I've already shared my favorite here - reading the 7th book on the way to meet my son in Ethiopia. And then holding his tiny, sleeping hand while I finished the book. But, I now have a second favorite Harry Potter memory to go with that! Just in the past two weeks, I have allowed that baby, now 4 years old, to start watching the movies. Just the first two, mind you, but it has been such fun. I got all misty-eyed seeing him engrossed by the magic of Harry Potter. He and his owl Hedwig (yes, I helped him with the owl-naming :) sat and watched the whole thing. And since then, there have been chopsticks turned into wands and bats turned into broomsticks around my house. I cannot wait to share the books with him! Thank you, JK Rowling, for giving us Harry Potter to discover magic ourselves, and again through our children.

This is where I got misty-eyed. He loved it.

I have a confession to make: I'm not upset about this being the last Harry Potter movie. Not because I'm a heartless wench (well, okay, probably a little bit because of that) but because I went through my stages of grief after the last book. The movie is more like reminiscing about how much you loved that crazy uncle who died in the rock climbing incident. It's been long enough that you can enjoy the stories of his life without tearing up.

To increase my heart-of-stone reputation, I have another confession: unlike Stacie, and probably a lot of you, I don't have any specific warm-fuzzy-moments from Harry Potter. This probably has something to do with the fact that as each book would come out I would grab it, ignore everything else, and devour it as quickly as possible. It's hard to pick out particular moments when your day went "feed those responsible for you, read, dress, read, more food, read, say goodnight, stay up and read." That being said, I'm looking forward to seeing the books through my kids eyes. Reading them together will force me to slow down and savor them. But I can't promise special moments. I may not be a special moments kinda girl.

And that, my friends, is why I love Leigh. And why we balance each other out. I'm getting all teary writing this post, and she's all, "Whatever, last movie, what?"

Okay, your turn to share with us! Whether you're a raging sentimentalist like me, or a cold-hearted-bitch like Leigh (she likes it when I call her that), we want to hear your thoughts on The End. Your favorite memories of reading or seeing Harry Potter, or even your favorite moments from the books, we want to hear them!



  1. While I'm usually a cold-hearted bitch like Leigh, I have found myself super sentimental about the ending of Harry Potter. To quote Friends, "I mean, it's the end of an era!" Thank GAWD for DVDs and the ability to reread books because a world without Snape is not one in which I care to live. *sniff* I am definitely looking forward to reliving the experience through the eyes of my future children. Maybe DH won't look at me as weirdly if there is a child at the end of the pencil I'm waving throughout the house.

  2. When the Harry Potter Title Card rolled over everyone in the audience (watched it in 3D), Bellatrix, who was sitting right next to me started crying. Fred Weasley, who was in front of me, turned to give her a tissue. This is probably what I will miss the most, the way fans brought the books to life. That's a magic in itself and not many books/movies can claim that.

    I'm usually someone who walks the line between sentimental schmoopy and cold hearted bitchiness but I stayed with Harry till the end, and realizing this really was the end, I CRIED UGLY TEARS.

    I have a child who grew up completely on Harry Potter. She's 13. She's never known a Harry Potter free world and I think that's awesome.

    The mischief may be managed (OMG, I'm tearing up) but we will always have the books and movies and Pottermore!!

  3. While I am totally a heartless cynic, Harry Potter is the one area I am 100% softy and crazily protective of-books & movies. And I teared up a bit just reading this post! I had been to all of the movies opening weekend but last night was my first midnight showing-It was my birthday (not a totally shameless bday plug-just kinda :))-so I felt like I had to and it was the last one so I had to. I didn't cry the ENTIRE time-but I certainly teared up at random moments that I didn't expect-just because it was the end of an era! Even after crying BUCKETS while reading the last book-I knew I at least had the movies to look forward to and now those are done. Sigh, I'm not as histerically sad as I anticipated-but I'm definitely weepy. I don't have any specific moments I can think of-just a lot of memories of discussions with friends after each book came out, going to the movies and then dicussing those, and buying ridiculous amounts of HP stuff over the years. I cannot wait until I do have kiddos to share this all with-because it's been such a big deal and so much fun!


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