Wednesday, November 24, 2010


With Thanksgiving upon us, Stacie and I thought we'd take a minute to say Thank You to all of you and to talk about the things we're most thankful for as Book Bloggers.

(You're got a mental picture of our Thanksgiving prep, right? We're both sitting calmly, fabulous smells coming from the oven, looking pristine in dresses covered with beatuiful aprons. That's what you see, right? Right.

Or, we're really in sweats, frantically throwing crap into closets before company arrives. Use whichever version you like best while reading this. We'll keep the truth a secret. *winks*)

I'm thankful for the Mockingjay post b/c it gave us an opportunity to discuss it with so many people.

And I'm thankful for the Graceling-Post-of-Doom because it gave us an opportunity to have a literary disagreement and have both of us gain support.

I do love that we got to have a literary disagreement. It was almost more fun than agreeing. And, I loved the Mockingjay post because everyone had such great thoughts to contribute. I'm sure I've said this before, but book discussions are like #geekporn to me, and Mockingjay needed some discussing!

I'm also thankful for the posts where we got to make file folders for book characters. Not only were they fun to do, but we got Hot Boys With Swords out of it. And, I loved doing our Chicks Who Can Kick Our Asses post because, well, I love those characters almost as much as HBWS!

Ooh, good ones. Speaking of the HBWS post, I'm also thankful when authors comment on our posts (like Julie Kagawa did on that post.) We know how busy they are, but it's nice to know that they see what we're writing and appreciate it.

Oh definitely! Like when Maggie Stiefvater commented on our Lazy Book Club discussion on Shiver and Linger to clear up our sexytimes question! I loved that!

YES! And, I'm thankful to be a book blogger because it gives me access to NetGalley. The Iron Queen, TheVespertine <---note that both books have characters we've envisioned as BinBons. It all comes back to BinBons.

Well, of course we're thankful for BinBons! And all the inspiration he provides to our favorite writers!

I'm also thankful for having such a great blog partner in Leigh, and having Sophie, Cher, and Dusty to play along with us. Bookish Friends are the best!

And, you, our readers! Your comments make this so much fun, and I love finding new books through you all, and I love it when you all force me to look at something I've read differently.

*sniffles* You had to go and get all emotional, didn't you? You always were the more sentimental of the two of us. *wink* But, seriously, you're right. I'm so thankful for you girls and the opportunity to talk about books we love with people from all around the world!

What about you all? What are you thankful for?



  1. So, I thought I commented on this with my phone, but apparently it didn't take-d'oh!

    I'm very thankful to have found a group of people who love talking about books and the characters and everything that happens to them! And for getting recommendations for things that I would probably not have found on my own (which, has give me connections to new people in real life! I have made a couple of new friends who has similar reading tastes-and the young adult books were a big connection point!) And, I realized, I have to be thankful for Twilight, which made me find Twilightheaded, which made me find you ladies, which kept me connected so I could know about this blog :)

    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

  2. I just saw this you guys...yeah, a wee bit late...but I wanted to thank you for letting me hang out with you and chatter on and on about earthshaking events like Hot Boys with Swords or BinBons...umm, yeah, it's THE SAME THING, Sophie. I know. I know. Circular logic. (((HUGS)))


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