Thursday, November 18, 2010

Casting Call

Am I the only one who's noticed how many great writers are using Ben Barnes (or BinBons, as he's known) as their muse? He has already been 'cast' as a number of my favorite YA HBWS and book boyfriends. I have two thoughts on this:
1. Does BinBons KNOW that he is the ultimate inspiration for Hot Boys in YA lit?
2. Can we spend some time poring over BinBons pics in order to cast him in each of our favorite YA roles? Please?

Let's start with the Urban Dictionary's definition of BinBons, shall we:

"Nickname for English actor Ben Barnes, best known for his work as Prince Caspian, and who may or may not have pupils. BinBons is over there seducing you with his black bedroom eyes."

First of all, Bwhahahahahaha! And secondly, this will help me so much with my reading of books with boys who have black eyes! I had a hard time picturing black eyes, but no more! I shall just think of this:

That could be Nick from Demon's Lexicon, no? I don't know that Sarah Rees Brennan has ever said that she was inspired by BinBons, but come on! That's my Nick. In fact, I may cut this out and paste it over the guy on The Demon's Lexicon cover. *grabs scissors*

What other characters do we have? I know Rachel Hawkins, Andrea Cremer, and Julie Kagawa are all inspired by BinBons, yes?

I'm pretty sure that Sophie, our resident BinBons "pic-spiration" dealer, can cast a few roles for us.

*digs into folders on hard drive* *not that there are ANY completely devoted to BinBons* *wistles innocently*

Umm, Ash, from The Iron Fae?


This one is very Archer-esque. I think he would fit in well at Hex Hall.


Yes! And how about this one for Ren from Nightshade (which I hope you are all reading for our LBC! #shamelessplug). Just knowing that Andrea Cremer said Ren is Ben Barnes makes me want to jump on the #TeamRen bus. There is a bus, right?


I know some people think BB would make a good Gale *cough*ME*cough* and I think this one fits:


See, I was NEVER Team Gale. But this picture could turn me.

Someone please, write the Dirty Biker BinBons...

Not-Yet-Written Hot Dude
*makes mental note to write a Dirty Biker BinBons* Can we turn it into a space bike? Maybe?

I'm having difficulty forming a coherent thought while Dirty Biker BinBons is beckoning me to ride him his bike.

*sighs dramatically* What IS it about this man that reduces us all to hormonal teenagers? (And then makes us want to write him as one??)

How about this picture? This is very much my vision of Nathaniel from Saundra Mitchell's The Vespertine (which will be out in March of 2011, at which point you can swoon with Stacie and I.)


*stops staring and pulls self together* Okay, so what about you all? Does BinBons play any starring roles in the books you read? Is there another actor who keeps showing up? You know we want to hear about it! *returns to staring*



  1. I, of course, (well duh) love them all. But NATHANIEL!!!!!!!!!!! People have to meet Nathaniel. Hurry, pre-order, please so I can discuss him with more folks. Also pre-order DEMONGLASS (HEX HALL 2) and everyone needs to read the Iron Fey series as well as NIGHTSHADE.

    Stacie and Leigh, I may print these pics and use them as bookmarks in those books. Yes, giving me another reason to stare at them some more. :D

  2. Hahaha, this was absolutely brilliant! And he's definitely a babe, but not any particular book character in my mind. Though now I'm considering giving one of the characters in my present work the boot and replacing him with Dirty Biker BinBons. Hmmmm!

  3. I have never heard this term before. lol

    For me this guy is Draven, a supporting character from a manuscript on submission. Draven is an angel who has been on earth for thousands of years, he's smouldering hot sexy, smart and not used to hearing no from anyone. He paints, cooks and dances wonderfully but is far from perfect.
    He's basically a good guy and only wants what's best for everyone even if he has to walk over them to get it. He's a little bit dark around the edges and not above using his charm to get what he wants.
    In the book Draven's eyes are a very dark navy, almost black, not brown like Ben's but I did see him when I envisioned the character.

  4. You girls are amazing, I love love LooooOOove this post and YES he's THE perfect ASH for me. Can I swoon and drool now?
    Thank you!

  5. As soon as a blonde, hot guy walks in my life(AKA in a book) I keep seeing Alex Pettyfer as that dude. Like, Peeta, Jace, Jasper etc. Hot, blonde guy equals Alex Pettyfer.

  6. What about Dimitri Belikov? He is the man! Perfect.

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