Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How To File Your Boys... Er, Books

Recently we mentioned @Katarinasmama's filing system for boys in YA Lit. We thought it would be fun for her to come and explain a little about it and see if we could help her add to the file labels, and maybe file some YA Boys with her. We asked, and she graciously agreed. Welcome Katarinasmama!


PhotobucketHave you ever read a book and thought hey, I should file that away for when I need to re-read it? Well, I kept thinking, why file alphabetically or eeek, use the Dewey Decimal System when you can create your own categories.

Work with me for a second here, and get out your DYMO Label Makers. Yes, I know all of you have them. Remember our scrapbooking/crafting days?

Now, think of CATEGORIES. I started looking at my rows (and let's face it PILES) of books and thinking about common themes. The first one that jumped out was the most obvious one Hot Boys with Swords.

I know right? That one makes perfect sense. Think Jace from The Mortal Instruments, Nick from Demon's Lexicon, Ash from The Iron King.

Hmm... We all know that I've been converted to the Boys With Swords filing system. When I was thinking about what other categories I mentally tend to fall in line under with, I noticed a trend towards Nerds Hiding Hotness. I can't help it. I'm drawn to Gamer Boys. (A la Simon in MI. Sometimes - okay, a lot of the time - I liked him more than I did Clary.)

PhotobucketAh, Simon definitely fits the Nerds Hiding Hotness label. But what a about boys like Cabel (from the Dreamcatchers Trilogy, WAKE/FADE/GONE) or Oscar (from CANDOR)? Those, I like to file under Broken Boys Who Always Do the Right Thing.

I think Broken Boys Who Always Do the Right Thing might be my favorite file folder. I want to scoop these boys up and hold them and let them cry on my shoulder. I think Peeta (from The Hunger Games) might fall into this category as well. *leans a bit more towards Team Peeta*

PhotobucketThat's just perfect. And I couldn't agree more. Broken Boys Who Always Do the Right Thing and Know How to Wield a Sword Well would be The Ultimate category. *looks around for Jace and one other but you haven't read him yet so no-spoilers*

Ooooh. Yes, yes. I love love LOVE Broken Boys Who Always Do the Right Thing. Also, Broken Boys Who Were Fated To Find Love. You know, like Daemon Sadi in Black Jewels? Some of the things he did... *shudder* BUT, it was all to lead him to his fated path.

Mmmm.... Daemon. *goes to my happy place*

PhotobucketI love that. *makes a mental note to look up Black Jewels*

So I encourage everyone to make their own categories. Try it out. Think of the classics. Now where would I file Mr. Darcy?? Hmmm.

Oh, Mr. Darcy is easy! Hot Men Who Know They're Hot!

Also, have you noticed that a lot of our labels overlap? I KNOW I've read a few Hot Boys With Swords Who Are Broken And Bad But Fated For Love and Do The Right Thing. *cough*Jamie from Outlander*cough*

Photobucket*realizes she's hungry* Wait, there's Hot Boys Who Cook! Who doesn't want to make tacos with Patch (from Hush, Hush). If Mr. Darcy cooked what would he make?? Oh, I know, he'd order it from the Cook. *sighs* Mr. Darcy and a full kitchen staff. The stuff of dreams....

Can we have a Nerdy But Hot Broken Boy Who Always Does the Right Thing and Knows How To Wield a Sword? You know my preference for a hot nerd... Hmm... I may have decided what I need to write for #yalitfrenzy. (<--click the link if you're curious what the heck I'm talking about.)

Wait! I haven't mentioned Eric the Viking yet! Fail! Boy Crush Fail!

Hmmm, wouldn't he be a MAN crush? *remembers book 4* *nods head yes*

Which file folder would Eric go in?

Fine Ass Viking Vampires. He gets his own folder. *wink*

So, what about you all? Any file folder labels you'd like to see?

Also, a big Thank You to Katarinasmama for helping us with our filing systems! *wink* You can usually find her reviewing books over at Mundie Moms. She's also our favorite book-pusher on twitter. Her recommendations are always good!


  1. This was so much fun!!! Thank you for letting me play on W-F. When I think of more categories, I'll be sure to inform you. Teehee.

  2. Bad Boys who fight their dark natures...
    (oh yum)



    Wait... what were we talking about?

    OH! I know... it's how my adoration of @katarinasmama grows daily. Obviously.

  3. Heather -- stop!! LOL, Heather's always good for more than a few categories. Yes, Bad Boys Who Fight Their Dark Natures. That is a must add. *takes out her label maker*

  4. I have a folder labeled Bad-Ass MoFo. Take a guess who lives in there?

  5. I just realized I have a LOT more reading to do.

    @meadow how do you manage to read all these real books and balance that w/ the fanfic stuff? #doesnotcompute

  6. mmmm Errrric.... *gives calendar evil eye for not being May 4th yet*

    How about: Tough Guys With A Soft Side


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