Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reading Rain-bow: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

So you all know I love fairie stories, yes? So, of course I knew I was going to like The Iron King by Julie Kagawa, but it was even better than that - I loved it! And, I've broken down my reasons for loving into four categories. (I'm feeling over-ambitious in the organizing department lately. Blame the fact that I'm packing and nesting.)

1. Our Heroine: Meghan Chase
2. Hot Boy with Sword: Ash
3. One of my favorite literary characters EVER: Puck
4. A very innovative story - not the same old fairie tale

We'll start with Meghan. When I first started this book, I wasn't sure about her. We weren't really 'clicking' if you know what I mean. But then she started to come into her own, her self. And that was very fun to read. And I started to love her. Suddenly, she was smart and extremely courageous and could almost fit into the Chicks Who Can Kick Our Asses category. (I have a feeling she will fit into this category by the end of the next book.) One of the things I liked best about Meghan is that it didn't take her forever to figure things out. As I would come to a realization as a reader, so would Meghan as the main character. I'm a big fan of writers who allow characters to realize things quickly, instead of dragging it out forever while it's quite obvious to readers.

Next, Ash and Puck. While Puck probably doesn't fit into the Hot Boys with Sword file folder, I do adore him in this book. But, Ash? Ash is definitely a HBWS. I don't even want to say too much about him. You have to read to find out. And I have it on good authority (@katarinasmama) that Ash only gets better in The Iron Daughter, which comes out August 1, 2010.

And the story itself. This isn't a pretty fairie tale. Nope. It's real (as real as a fairie story can be) and gritty. I usually like things all pretty with a bow on top, but in this book, I really loved the way nothing came easy for Meghan. And, I was impressed with the way the story came together. It wasn't a new concept (you'll see), but the way it was written was definitely new. It made perfect sense, even in Nevernever.

If you've read The Iron King, are you Team Puck or Team Ash? If not, do you plan on reading it? We are considering it for our Lazy Book Club for June - what do you think?

The Iron King reviewed at Mundie Moms


  1. I adore this book! I like Meghan ( a lot) I swoon over Ash ( like a lot) and I love Puck!

    Team Ash, but I read The Iron Daughter already and this book nearly made me switch Teams.

    I loves Meg's stubbornness and also her bravery! Puck is one of the wittiest character I met since a long time.

    You will like The Iron Daughter, I'm pretty sure!

  2. Oh I LOVED this book. I'm with you, Rain. I love Faery stories..

    Team-wise, I would have to be Team Puck.

    I can't wait for The Iron Daughter to come out, and, of course, am really jealous of Mrs. Vanquish and S, who have already gotten to read it.

  3. So, y'all know that Rain and I discuss her reviews and the books she's reading. I love when I come to read her finished review and it makes me want to read the book EVEN MORE than before. *adding The Iron King to my Amazon list* See y'all in June's LBC discussion!!

  4. TIK is amazing. Just amazing. I loved it but The Iron Daughter is JUST PERFECT. Check it out on or in stores in August.

  5. Just finished it and LOVED it! I'm team Ash 100% :) Can't wait to read The Iron Daughter!

  6. How did you manage to read The Iron Daughter early????? that's not fair!
    Team Ash 500%
    Puck is just silly. Ash is freaking amazing- hot, smart, hot, amazing, hot... you get the drift


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