Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kissy Scenes: Broken Down 80s Style

I think we've proven, here at Whimsical Fic, that we love putting things into file folders. If you'll all remember our Filing System for Hot Boys... Yes, well, going along with that theme, I thought it would be fun to file our favorite "Kissy Scenes." Since I have stolen that term directly from Katarinasmama, and since she is the Queen of Filing Folders, we have of course invited her back to discuss this oh-so-important topic.

This post might contain spoilers for the following: The Mortal Instruments Series, Demon's Covenant, Brightly Woven, Hex Hall, Shiver, Lament, and Outlander.

PhotobucketI think I'm in love with this post. No really. I'm in a Kissy Scene Mood.

Let's start with the No One Puts Baby In The Corner (Or Against A Wall) label:
Hush, Hush : Patch and Nora
Demon's Covenant : Nick and Mae (released's hot)
Hex Hall : Archer and Sophie (also known as #hotcellarkissyscene)

Turn Around, Bright Eyes:
Brightly Woven : North and Syd (the Tent Scene...he came back!!!!)

Sister Kiss:
The Mortal Instruments : Jace and Clary (no one can ever top the Seelie Court Kiss..."close your eyes and think of England"...)
Star Wars, episode "A New Hope" : Luke and Leia (okay, not a book technically, but it fits the theme and well, I know you all were thinking it anyhow...)

Paradise By the Dashboard Light:
Lament : Luke and Dee. HOT!!!

And we can't go further without...

Hungry Like the Wolf: (umm, I am NOT a Wolf Girl at all but...)
Shiver - Sam and Grace *coughs* No more need be said.

Okay, so I want to help with this post and realized that you've covered all the good kisses. At least, that I can think of right now. *shakes fist at you* *but not really*

Right now all I can think of are categories:

The Throw Caution to the Wind Kiss: You know, facing peril means acting on impulses.

The Sleeping With The Enemy Kiss: You're supposed to hate him, since he's evil, but he's also hot. And kissing the MC.

The We-Should-Just-Be-Friends Kiss: Clary and Simon, anyone?

Photobucket Sorry, I was on a roll. #kisshoarding

Throw Caution
is so Jace and Clary in the Mansion Collapse Scene. Love that scene. Love the shmexy outtake more.

Kissing With the Enemy is Meghan and Ash (The Iron King). They're foes. It's wrong but it's ohsoveryright, too.

The Take My Breath Away Kiss: Seth and Aislinn in Wicked Lovely: “Seth slid a hand around her waist and kissed her like she was air and he was suffocating.”

Photobucket I love these categories! I don't think I'll ever read a kissing scene the same way ever again.

Have you all already covered the Kiss Me Before I Die (Even Though I Won't Actually Die) smooch? Or the Let Me Kiss Your Tears Away? #TheAngstQueenHasSpoken

OhOhOH! What about the Dear LORD, FINALLY! kiss?: *cough*Bella and Edward*cough*

Are we racy enough to include the Unwanted Kiss? You know, like Jamie and *shudder* Black Jack Randall from Outlander?

*snaps out of a Kissy-Scene-induced daydreams* NO! No, we are not that racy! Unless the Unwanted Kiss is maybe wanted a little bit. Jamie did not want any part of that. *shudders violently*

And, I really want to mention a certain kiss from The Hunger Games. It's the I Didn't Know I Loved You, But Now I Do kiss. And I can't say ANYTHING about it because you three have not read. *rolls eyes* Let's just say there's a dark cave, and a girl, and a boy and....

*swooning* I'll read them, I promise! Especially with the promise of kissing scenes. I'm just holding out for Mockingjay so I'm not left hanging. What can I say, I'm a cliffhanger wimp. *winks*

So, did we leave any kisses out? And which kiss is your favorite? Let us know!



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  2. Okay, can everyone tell we had fun with this? LOL!!

  3. My favourite kisses are #itssobaditsgood. I'm trying not to get to actively involved in the comment section, because S knows how muchly kissy scenes get to me.

  4. YAY, Meghan and Ash get a file folder! Lol, love this post! I was giggling and swooning the whole way through.

  5. Carla - Just spill it...I know what a PhD you have in Kissy Scenes. Tell us your fave categories. Go on.

    Ms. Kagawa - I didn't even get to mention my favorite one. The Break My Heart (In a Good Way) page 99-100 in The Iron Daughter. Oh, lolly, that KISS is mhmmm, wow. *sighs*

  6. How about It's So Wrong But It Feels So Right? Of course you covered some great ones already *Jace and Clary* but some of my favs are Zara and Astley (Captivate), Elena and Damon (Vampire Diaries) and Faythe and Jace (Prey - Shifters series)

    OH and I'm with Leigh, I've been waiting for Mockingjay, but it's hard to not read them with everyone raving about how good they are.

  7. I can't talk about one of my favorite kisses because it's spoilery, but PAPER TOWNS... srsly

  8. I love these folders! Wait till you read the Demon's Covenant... holy HOT scene in the RAIN!!!!!!

  9. ha!!! I love No one puts baby in the corner and Kissing with the Enemy! Those were HOT!!! =D

  10. I love your blog it's so pretty and homely feeling, keep up the good work!


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  12. I haven't read some of these books *yet* but I had to read this post ;) I LOVE kissy posts.. Great one!


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