Friday, April 23, 2010

Twidays: What the Fugly?

Dayum. That is all intense and sh*t. Exciting. Scary even.

Oh, yeah, scary. The giant alligator from "Lake Placid" has nothin' on those vamps rising from the water.

*snort* Okay, so I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to scary.

But, I do need to ask one thing: Why the hell does Summit take good looking men and make them look like transvestites? Did you see Carlisle's hair? OMGAH.
Umm... But Jake does look damn good. God help me.

Why is Bella's engagement ring so damn fugly? Don't they take artistic license with that sh*t? I mean, sure Steph described a fugly ring. But they've changed so much else, why not that?

Totally fugly - I noticed that too! It's freaking huge, but not in a good way.

No wonder Bella said no the first time.

Bwahahaha!! Right? I would be all, "You need come back with something better than that monstrosity. For real." And no wonder she was embarrassed to wear it after she said yes!

She should slip him a brochure from Tiffany's.

How did Alice let him get away with that??

Well, it was supposed to be his mother's, but still. Tiffany & Co did originate the engagment ring back in the late 1800s, so they could have gone with a little blue box and still have been within historical guidelines.

But, you know what I think? I think every last one of Summit's stylists secretly HATE Twilight. This would explain the ugly wigs, the awful outfits, the ring...

Oh, so true! It's like a conspiracy to sabotage the visuals. "Oh, so you think Edward and Bella are romantic, huh? Well then, we'll make Jacob the only attractive character in the movie. So THERE!"

Exactly! It's quite obviously the only logical explanation. Because when they start making Edward look bad *cough*wonky nipple*cough*, you know something's going on.

Forget the wonky nipple, how about the fact that Edward was apparently 50 when he was turned? I mean, seriously, my DAD looks more lively than that.

Oh no. You're comparing Edward to your Dad? Now I know it's bad! I mean, nothing against your Dad or anything. *waves hi at Meadow's Dad*

What about you all? What did you think? Would you wear that ring?


  1. To be fair, the Twilight Saga is pretty fugly. I mean, SMeyer had BookBella running around in ankle length skirts (possibly made from denim, I cannot remember or blocked it from memory) and button down, long sleeved shirts. Remember her outfit when she met the Cullens for the first time in the book? And Edward. Beige. Sleeveless. Shirts. WTF? The ring in the movie looks somewhat like what is described in the book, except MovieRing is possibly even uglier than I imagined BookRing to be. That's why I had such high hopes MovieTwilight would be so much more than it is. I did not think they could make the ugly worse. But they really stepped up to the plate and proved me wrong. Bravo, Suckmit.

    Sometimes, I really hate Suckmit for not utilizing the full potential of these books and unleashing the hidden WOW these books possessed on movie-goers.

  2. You girls are funny. That is one ugly ring. It reminded me of a big-ass silver coated cockroach.

    Yes, them vampires are ugly, especially Carlisle and, well, all of them.

    Jake? Hot? Yes. Cue dream sequence of snuggling in the back of a high school classroom.

  3. I totally agree that the stylists are just trying to see if they make it bad enough, will people still like the movie?
    I had to watch it a few times to see that fugly ring, I was hoping it was just the design on the box (it is as big as a box!)
    It is AMAZING how they can take such beautiful people and make them look like wax puppets from the 70s...and not in a good way.
    We have one last hope, can they redeem themselves in the fight scenes in Eclipse or when they make Breaking Fail?

  4. I have to say that I was picturing something way prettier while reading, but I do like the MovieRing better than the one Hot Topic was selling, at least it has a costume jewelry-way to big but makes a statement vibe. *shrugs* apparently Mr. Mason Sr. had horrible taste, who knew?

  5. I despise that ring. For all the reasons you've already listed. Ugh. I'd like to think that Edward's father had taste when he gave his mother a ring. And yes, T&CO existed then, so hell-ooooo little robin egg blue box with tasteful white ribbon.


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