Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twidays: Scooby Dooby Doo!

The role of Rain will be played by her evil twin Train today. Why? Because Rain would never, ever say the things that Train is about to say. (At least not until June 30th when her bet with Spank is over and she can say whatever she wants. )

OMG. WHY didn't you tell me about the new Eclipse stills? Jasper's f*cking hair!!!

BWAHAHAHAHA! I think I had that hairstyle once.

I think my MOM had that hairstyle once.

They DO get that Jasper wasn't turned in 1976, right?

I'm thinking... No.

Apparently Summit's ever-so-hip fashion experts think he was turned when "Welcome Back Kotter" was the fashion standard.


Too bad it's not a full shot of Jasper. I'd love to see the bell-bottoms. *snicker*

*snort* With his earth-loving sandals? Or do you think that's more of a disco-shoe kind of hairstyle? *looks at the hair again* I can't help myself, I want to brush it.

*sigh* Poor Jasper. It's almost too bad to mock.

*raises eyebrow* Pardon me? It's PERFECT to mock. Who are you? Have you met you?

I said ALMOST. Sheesh. Cut me some slack, woman. But I'm going to mock it anyway. Because my grandmother had better hair than that.

Also, do you think he's hiding any Scooby Snacks on him? He looks like he should have the munchies.


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