Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What if Watson Had a Pink Streak?


Okay, so I just finished Hex Hall (loved it!) and wanted to talk about Sophie's pink-streak-wearing vampire best friend, Jenna. Or, actually, Jenna's role in YA lit - that of the sidekick.

It does seem that every YA hero or heroine has to have a trusty sidekick at their side. The sidekick is such a great character, and I usually end up loving him/her just as much as the main character. Definitely love Jenna in Hex Hall. She's such a great character. I wanted to be her best friend too.

Right. She was awesome! I love when a sidekick has a well-developed backstory, like hers. Sure, every main character needs someone to play off of, but it's so much more fun when that person has depth.

Like Simon from the Mortal Instruments series. I adore Simon. He reminds me of my best friend in high school. But is he considered a sidekick? Because he was also a potential love interest.

I think that the mystery of boy/girl relationships makes sidekicks fair game for romance, especially in YA fic where everyone is still exploring their needs and desires. So, yes, I think Simon is a sidekick.

It was that way with Maggie Stiefvater's Lament as well. James as the sidekick to Deirdre. Often the boy sidekick is the poor sucker who is in love with the Heroine while she pines after someone else. (Or makes sexytimes with someone else.)

*snort* Good point. *cough*JacobVersusEdward*cough*

Also, I'm now going to use "making sexytimes" from now on when I'm writing lemons.

(Sidebra in citrus colors for the readers: "lemon" is a fanfiction term for a sex scene.)

Oh thank goodness. I would not want to see "making sexytimes" fall into oblivion.

Does Jacob count as a sidekick, though?

I think Jacob might count as a sidekick. Maybe?

A sidekick I wanted to kick. Oh, sorry. *grin*

*snort* Or that. *winks*

I think sometimes the love interest truly IS the sidekick. Because, in life, we tend to pair up with someone who compliments us. Sometimes we get lucky and that person is also a great friend.

Are you getting all sappy on me? *raises eyebrow*

Maybe there are different types of sidekicks?

Definitely! Everyone knows how we love long titles around here, so here are my categories:

There's the "Is He Maybe Sorta Kinda A Love Interest?" Sidekick - Jacob, Simon, countless others...

The "Wisecracking-Ego-Tamer" sidekick - I think Jenna from Hex Hall is an Ego-Tamer. You know, the friend who keeps you down to earth.

The "Sickeningly Loyal" Sidekick - Samwise from Lord of the Rings

Oh! And the "Rebitchsy" sidekick - You know, the bitch who tells it like it is? Aphrodite from the House of Night series or you and I to each other? *grins*

*smirks* Oh, I'll be the wisecracking Jenna to your rebitchsy Sophie any day. Now pass me the hot-pink hair dye...

*hands you a bottle of Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink*

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  1. Love the topic! I adored Jenna!! She was a quintessential Ego-Tamer-and-Loyal-BFF.

    As for the boy sidekicks, there is of course, Jacob. He was a band-aid for Bella's tough times and needed to be ripped off quickly when Edward came back into the picture. But Jacob did serve a purpose as most sidekicks do. Excellent comment on the fact that boy sidekicks are kind of hoping that the girl MC will eventually fall for them if they hang with her long enough. Sorry, dudes, it doesn't happen. Not often enough anyway. I do have a soft spot for Simon. I actually like his geeky ways and his natural protectiveness over Clary. It's not contrived.

    I also like Puck from The Iron King. He serves a great purpose in the story. Especially in The Iron Daughter when things really heat up...

    Now I'll be thinking about this all day. Thanks for the prompt for my daydream moments. LOL.


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