Friday, March 5, 2010

Twiday: Redefining Glamour

Okay, I don't usually put much stock in fashion magazines anyway, but a friend forwarded me this link and I realized that we needed to discuss.

KStew is #5 on the list of the most glamorous women of 2010? Did I miss the memo about greasy mullets being the "it" trend this year?

I was checking out the list - and, um, Lady Gaga is on there too, so I'm going to have to say that Glamour has lowered the standards.

Glamour is trying to appeal to a broader audience. I applaud them for trying, but I'm not sure why the audience they chose must have been "Heavy Drug Users."

Okay, but to be fair, Kristen Steward does clean up well. I think she's come a long way from the Mtv Awards with the red-dress-and-converse look.

I agree! I actually really LIKE Kristen Stewart. I appreciate her whole "I don't give a flying f*ck what any of you people thing" attitude. But, again, not exactly glam. I mean, is this Glamour's "Most Improved" list?

If it was most improved, she'd be number one.

Right. Because it takes some serious skill to go from this to this:

You thought I was going to use the pot bikini picture, didn't you? I couldn't. It was just too easy. 
(image sources: Socialite Life and Kristen Online Gallery)

*still trying to make sense of this mixed up world in my mind* Maybe she made the list because of the nipple ring?

Right, because Nipple Rings are so glamourous.

*snort* I have nothing against nipple rings. I think they're kinda bad-ass. You know it's probably just a pastie and she's trying to screw with all of us.

I think Summit should jump all over it, though. Can you imagine the sales of nipple shields at Hot Topic if they put TWILIGHT all over them? Dreamcatcher shields, little moon and stars danglies... The possibilities are endless! Bwahahahaha!

*runs off to create an Etsy store that is sure to live in Regretsy infamy*

Sidebra with holes for the Twilight Nipple Rings: Rain is going to be out of commission for the weekend. She is having her wisdom teeth removed, and as if that wasn't enough she also finally recieved her referral from her adoption agency about her newest addition to her family: a little Ethiopian girl! I'm over the MOON with excitement for her, so bear with us if this blog is a bit Meadow-heavy while she adjusts and plans for her new baby girl!


  1. 1> It's called a Stylist and BIG production companies who can "clean up" KStew because we all see how 12-yr old boy she dresses on her own. I like an attitude, but I just wished she looked like she was happy every now and again.

    I hadn't heard abt the nipple ring before. Hmmm...may Edward was trying to be KStew and ended up with his wonky mipple. Nipple-shield anyone?

    2> CONGRATS RAIN! That is amazing news and I am so happy for you and your family.

    3> I feel your wisdom teeth pain Rain. 2 or 4? Just enjoy the drugs while they last.

    4> I <3 you Meadow, so bring it on!

  2. First, congrats Rain! That's amazing! And we heart you Meadow, so we'll be just fine in the process. :)

    Well, I am a BIG Kstew fan these days but I too was a little taken back that she just won a style award and now this list. You're totally right, she does clean up well. I think she's positively gorgeous after she's done up. But on a normal day with herself in control, we all know that fashion is the last thing on her mind. She even admits it. So I think people are just still strung up on the Twilove and want to vote these actors for anything they can. Cuz they did say that it was voted on...

  3. Rain -- Congrats on the Adoption News!!! Woot!!! And I'm so thinking of you and sending you +++ thoughts re: wisdom teeth removal.

    As for KStew. Eww. There are waaaay too many things I didn't need to know about her, like the fact that she's a Style Icon. Props to her Stylists for Cleaning Her Up nicely.

  4. Congrats, Rain!!! And good luck with your wisdom teeth. We'll try to make sure Meadow stays on her best behavior without you. ;)

    KStew is pretty, and I concede that she cleans up well (when she wants to or is made to), but glamorous? That might be stretching it as thin as the fabric covering her nipple ring is.


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