Thursday, March 11, 2010

Twiday: Anticipating Eclipse

Okay, so obviously we must discuss the new Eclipse trailer.

I was fangirl squee-ing until 1:04 when The Imposter showed up. And then I threw up a little bit.

Totally. Couldn't they have used the money they saved by firing Rachelle and put it towards Bryce Dallas Howard's hair and makeup?

Well, that would be smart, but we all know how awful Suckmit is with hair and makeup. *cough* Bella's wig *cough*

I need to re-watch and do a "Shirtless Jake Count."

Oooh, when it comes that will totally be a drinking game - take a shot every time Jake shows up without a shirt.

Oh that's a good idea for the Eclipse DVD Release Party that I may or may not be planning already.

Or, take a shot every time Edward broods.

Another good idea! And you say you're no good at planning parties. Pshaw.

No, I'm just good at coming up with reasons to drink. Which is what I'm afraid this movie will make me want to do. I liked Eclipse for the sexual tension, but I spent most of it wanting to slap Bella.

I do have to say that I'm really hoping to see more Happy Edward in Eclipse. I mean - he's got the girl - he should smile a bit more than the first two movies right? You know the cocky-smirky-smile he gets when he's looking at Bella? Because he loves her and then I pretend he's cocky-smirky-smiling at me.....

Oh, why do I set myself up for disappointment?
*leans back and throws my hand across my brow*

Yeah, I doubt you're gonna get a lot of that. Do you even remember Eclipse?

Bella: "Oh, Edward, I want you to take me!"
Edward: "Take you where? On a walk? It's raining..."
Bella: **unbuttons shirt** "No, Edward. TAKE ME."
Edward: **clears throat** "Um, Bella, a chaste young woman such as you..."
Jacob: "So, Bella, you wanna go for a ride on my bike?

Edward: "Dear mother of GOD what is wrong with you teenagers??"

**hands Rain a kerchief and readies smelling salts** My bets are on Broodward.

*takes kerchief* Why, thank you Meadow.

Anytime, Fair Rain. Do you need to go sit on a settee and fan yourself while I finish this post?

Yes, please do finish. And bring me my mint julep when you're done.

*snicker* You're such a delicate flower. Edward would tell you to unlace your corset and rest. Just not around him. Because that would be suggestive.

Okay, but seriously, I worry about my favorite scenes! What if they cut the tent scene?

Oh, Summit wouldn't cut the tent scene! It's all about Jacob, whom they love.

Right - and he's shirtless.

*takes shot*

Oh, wait, you just mentioned it. Does that count?

It counts! *cheers*

Okay guys, so what do you think? Did you love the trailer? Did it make you excited or worried like Rain? Let us know!


  1. LOL... you guys Crack.Me.Up!!! :) Love it.
    Although I do agree with Rain... I'm worried about the movie. And while we do get a taste of it in the preview, it's unfortunately not enough to settle my doubts. I'm almost 100% positive the tent scene is in there though, I read it somewhere. Will it be correct? Who knows.
    And I'm totally ready for some Sexward in this movie. He is totally seductive in the book (without trying) but they never show that in the movies!!! Ugh! Give us more of the crooked smile and him being happy!!! Please!!!

  2. Well, if you're going to MAKE me watch the trailer again... *sound of arm breaking*

    LMFAO - I don't know what was funnier, the convo or the pics. Anyhoo, I loved the trailer, minus weird-looking Victoria. And they HAVE to include the tent scene. The Twihards will riot if they don't.

    @Rain and @dazzledbyhim - I'm afraid Meadow is right. We'll probably be able to count the number of times Edward smiles on one hand. Or one finger. Broodward has a lot to brood about in Eclipse.

    I'm optimistic about the movie, so much so, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is going to be the best one of the bunch. Yep, I said it. You can tell me I was right on June 30. :)

  3. Okay I'm gonna say something you're not gonna like...I don't like the way he says "Isabella Swan, I promise to love you everyday of forever"...that's not how I had pictured it in the book. The moment Edward proposed he is saying the words in a resonant way, and not mumbling them. and the wig...oh my god...but Bella's make up is good at least!

  4. all I have to say is.....I don't like BDH as Victoria *stomps foot*

  5. @rxmeds96 I completely agree! Bah! But other then that the trailer was great for sparking my enthusiasm again :) Brooding or not I'm just happy to have Edward back for a whole movie!

  6. OMFG I love you both so hard. Those pictures are freaking hilarious! And Meadow, I'm SO watching Eclipse with you on DVD with a big bottle of Patron. xoxo


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