Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stefan and Damon are BACK!

FINALLY! After a long, LOOOONG break, the Vampire Diaries is returning tonight! Is everyone excited? Yes, I know you are. Okay, if you're not, then just play along. OR START WATCHING! I promise, you will love this show. I thought we could all get in the mood for tonight with @RayneatTwilight's Vampire Diaries video. She won 2nd place in the Vampire Diaries Fansite contest. (I kinda think she should have won first place!)

And, I made a video of Stefan and Damon for Twilightheaded - to try and talk the girls into watching, or at least reading the books. It did not work. *glares at Meadow, Spank, and Ginger* But, that should help us get in the mood too!

And, you know how we like to relate things back to books, right? Watch me do that... A lot of people have expressed dismay over the fact that the Vampire Diaries show is VERY different from the books. Luckily, I have not read them since September 2008 and I have a bad memory, so it's not bothering me that much. But, I do understand this point of view. I had just finished the True Blood books when the HBO show started. I tried and tried to watch, but it was so different - I couldn't handle it (even with Eric Northman). I decided to wait and try again when the books weren't so fresh in my mind. It hasn't happened... yet.

I'm sorry I'm not on the Vampire Diaries bandwagon, it's nothing personal, honest! It's just that there is only so much time I can commit to vampire-related lusting and I've used all of it with Twilight/True Blood. I can still WATCH True Blood, but I had to accept that there was a disconnect between the books and the show.

It still drives me a little crazy, but that's mostly just Anna Paquin's acting.

*giggles* Yeah, I've heard that she isn't the best.

What about you? Have you read The Vampire Diaries? Do you watch the show too? And what about True Blood? Does it drive you crazy when the tv shows (and movies, for that matter) depart too far from the text? Can you still watch and appreciate it?


  1. Anna Paquin's acting makes me resentful at my mother for not encouraging my acting career because if SHE can get the lead in True Blood (as bad as she sucks) then I could've been Alice dammit (because Ashley Greene's acting sucks balls too, IMO).

    And sorry Rain... I still haven't watched it but I will (not). I promise (not to).

  2. OMG... I'm so happy that Vampire Diaries is back!!! I do love the show, even though it's totally unlike the books. When people ask if the show is like the books, I always say, "Well, the names are the same... and there's vampires... but other than that it's totally different." And it really is. I won't go on and on about that because that's not the point of the post. I have learned to get over it though and still enjoy the show. Mainly because Damon is so effing hot. He stars in my dreams a lot. :) And Stefan is hot too although he's utterly annoying.

    True Blood is another one that totally off, like you guys said. But I'm ok with it so far. I think Spank's a little too hard on Anna though... Sookie is totally annoying in the books to me, so I think Anna plays her just right!

  3. :cough: And now for Christina's presentation on "Why You Should Watch or Read The Vampire Diaries."

    Although, The books and the show are very different (Elena is not blonde, Meredith does not exist, Bonnie is a black decedent from the Salem witches instead of a very white druid decedent, etc.), I really do love them both.

    The TV show is like the PG-13 version of the books..and even if you haven't even read the books, the show is still so good. (Even my dad, who is 62 and remembers the "good old days" of watching the original black & white Dracula, loves this show!)

    For all of those childish, well children, who think the Vampire Diaries just "copied off Twilight", think again. The Vampire Diaries was written before Twilight (Sorry, Stephanie!), back in the 1990's, and I think the TV show, especially, is more along the lines of a Joss Whedon show (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel). I swear, every time I watch it, Stefan reminds me so much of David Boreanaz as Angel, its just plain scary.

    Differences between Twilight & The Vampire Diaries:

    1.) The vampires do not sparkle on The Vampire Diaries.
    2.) Stefan & Damon cannot go out into the sun without a stone to keep them from frying (something similar to this actually was on an episode of Buffy).
    3.) They do have sex and don't think twice about it.

    Ok, so 1 and 2 really tie in together, I just thought my point came across better with three.

    So, in conclusion, even if you have never read the books, you should give the television show a chance. It is the perfect balance.. Not as innocent as Twilight, but not as bad-ass as True Blood (True Blood comes on a little too strong for me, to be honest..and I don't think I like the idea of vampires being out in the open, it takes away the mystery, the secret. Its better when it is hidden. Mmm.. Sexy secret vampire love.). The Vampire Diaries has just the right amount of sex and neck-breaking to not be completely gross.

    The End. <3

  4. I've not read the Vampire Diaries yet-but I do find myself really loving the show-it's fun. I've thought about picking up the series at some point-but I'm reading so many now-I need to wait before I add another one :) But, I'm stoked it's coming back tonight! I'll have to figure out how to watch it and other Thursday shows-I'm in temporary housing and it's all janky and doesn't have a DVR...argh.

    I read both the Sookie Stackhouse series and watch True Blood and it doesn't bother me a bit...anymore. It did at first-but I see them as almost totally different things. I did think Sookie was kind of annoying in the early books-but as it progressed, I liked her more and more-so I feel like hopefully the same will happen with True Blood? She has to be get less annoying, right? RIGHT? That's what I tell myself at least. :)

    It's the same with Dexter too. The first book and first season were pretty aligned, but after that they are two totally separate entities-only the names really stay the same. But, I LOVE the tv series and I enjoy the books all the same. I just think, they're not really related.

  5. @BackstageBarbie - your three things made me laugh out loud! I think I may have snorted. And yes - I always tell people that TVD came before Twilight - and Stefan was a "vegetarian" in the books as well.

    @Molly - I work on Thursdays and we tivo The Office, so I watch TVD the next day on itunes. You can also wait for the CW to post it on their site - Sunday nights maybe?

  6. so excited that TVD is back on tonight...actually watching now since was at work when airing. Haven't read the books so can't be disappointed in departure from them. Have read first 7 or 8 True Blood books and like both book and show, but sookie is annoying in both

  7. I can't wait to watch and discuss tomorrow!!! I haven't read the books yet. I'm going to wait until the season is over to do so. I totally hear what you're saying about True Blood. I had a little trouble getting into the show at first b/c there was such a disconnect from the books, but then Alexander Skarsgard appeared on my TV and I no longer cared. :)

  8. PS. You'll never get me to admit how many times I replayed those videos.

  9. Dear Rain, I was thinking bout you last night while watching that hotness of Stefan Salvatore! Ah, the truth came out about how did Elena survive the car accident! That was a perfect moment that reminded me, once again, why I like this show so much! I wonder how far they will portray the triangle between the three main characters. next episode look yummy too!

  10. I watch the Vampire Diaries and love it. I tried to read the books after it came out, and got about half way into the book and put it away. The show is better not comparing it to anything.
    I can not get into True Blood, have not read the books, but the few shows that I watched had such bad acting, I just couldn't do it again.
    And I love both the video clips you posted! Thanks! I had seen the second one when you posted it before :)


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