Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reading Rainbow: The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

 I'm joining in the spOOky recs this week with a book I devoured over the weekend, The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. NotS is the story of Rory Deveaux, a teenager from Louisiana who moves to London to attend a boarding school for her senior year. There she meets an assortment of people, some friendly, some not, some of the hot boy variety, some of the not-alive-anymore variety. You know, the usual. (You can see where the spOOky part of the rec comes in.)


Upon Rory's arrival, a series of murders begins plaguing London, closely copying the infamous Jack the Ripper murders from over 100 years before. When Rory becomes the only witness, and subsequently a target, things get complicated. (DUN DUN DUN.)

Sometimes you read a book and you think "This author must've snuck into my head and picked out EVERY SINGLE THING I LOVE when putting this together, because it's PERFECT." It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's like a chorus of angels singing on the page. That's how I felt about The Name of the Star.  Johnson writes the well-known fish-out-of-water scenario believably. I could see the London Rory was seeing, and embraced it right along with her. I cared when Rory felt lonely and swooned when she felt the tingles of romance. But most of all, I was peeking out from behind my fingers to read when Rory realized that things were not right and that some of the people she'd seen were not alive.

The Name of the Star has ghosts, mystery, suspense, teenage hormonal angst, hot British boys, and ghosts who are hot British boys. Any way you look at it, this book is WIN, and it comes with an ending that will leave you wanting more without feeling like you were left hanging.

Like I said, the perfect book. So, don't be scared, pick up a copy.



  1. I totally agree! London and Ghosts and Jack the Ripper and Snarky Girls and British Accents?! MAUREEN JOHNSON, HAVE YOU BEEN READING MY DIARY? This book was definitely amazing. I am going to read ALL THE THINGS she writes.

  2. Boarding school. Fish-out-of-water. BOOM! I'm there!! Reading it next!!


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