Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lazy Book Club's Future?

After it took Leigh and I a whopping three months to post the LBC on Graceling, we thought it might be a good idea to think about doing our book clubs differently in the future. Here's the thing - you all have so much to say! And we LOVE that. But, we HATE leaving out some of these great things! There was so much submitted for Graceling that we just couldn't get to - and we really wanted to.

So, I had an idea that we do our LBC's more in the way we did our informal LBC on Mockingjay - where we basically had an entire discussion in the comments section. I love the back and forth that occurred in that format, and that's just not possible with the way we currently do things. We could always start a forum for each month's book... but then that wouldn't be lazy, now would it? You'd have to sign in and I know that, for myself, I tune out if it's "too much work" to do something online.

Thus the question that we'd like your help in answering: Should we continue with LBC as is, or switch to the more informal format where we can discuss in the comments? Leigh and I would post our thoughts to get the discussion started, but then the rest of you can chime in and we can actually (sort of) discuss the book with you all. What do you think? We'd love to hear what you think!



  1. So, so sorry, b/c I know I write WAY too much! And, with that being said, the informal might be better. And there could be discourse, not just us throwing a lot of words at you all. And, being able to do in the comments keeps it pretty lazy-and able to do it at our own time, etc etc etc...

    Either way-love Lazy Book Club!! It has really made me pick up books I would've wanted to pick up-but may not have gotten to for a long while. And, it's fantastically lazy :)

  2. Oh, Picksee, NEVER apologize for being wordy! WE'RE wordy, that's half the problem. But if Graceling had been an "in the comments" discussion, I bet I could've convinced you that Katsa and Po's relationship was flawed. *shakes head emphatically yes* ;)

  3. Uh, non. You would never convince her, just as you have not convinced me. But, you are correct in saying that we LOVE Picksee's (and other LBC'ers) wordiness! I laughed out loud at the comment about the maps at the beginnings of books (in Graceling) because I feel the same way! And that is one of the things I wanted to get to, but we didn't have room. That's why I'm liking the informal LBC idea more and more.

  4. oh those maps! I had blocked them out I think :)

  5. Hi! I agree, the comments version sounds so much better to me too! I get lost so easily, and being able to visit and just comment while I'm here will be so inviting :)

    ... and as much as I loooonged for Katsa and Po to end up 'happily ever after', I really loved how they both just believed and trusted each other to do what was best for them at the time. It feels to me that they are quite confident in their love that they will find each other again soon enough when they have both done what they needed to do for themselves... Fire was my fave! and I am SO looking forward to Bitterblue :)


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