Friday, April 9, 2010

Twidays: Eclipsing Summit's Marketing


After all the strange merchandise that Summit came up with after New Moon (remember the Quileute packing tape?), I'm looking forward to seeing what they try to sell us for Eclipse. Maybe meadow-inspired shag rugs for our rooms? To recreate the meadow scenes?

I like the meadow rug. I'd probably buy one, and we can get a Manllow to go with it.

That's perfect! Maybe we should open our own Eclipse Etsy Shop? I'm sure we can come up with more... like gold bedding to recreate the Leg Hitch?

And the Manllow. To recreate the leg hitch. *wink*

Hmm, how about a space heater with the wolf pack on it? It can be part of a full line of camping gear. The tent will have silhouettes of Edward, Jacob, and Bella on the outside.

And an Edward Cullen sleeping bag to go with the Manllow. Oh sorry, I'm on the inside of the tent.

Don't we all wish.

Yes, actually, quite often.

Anyway... we could also have a full body-pillow Jacob to stuff inside the sleeping bags. For when you get cold.

We keep coming back to the Manllow. I almost feel bad that I mocked it. ALMOST.

Summit is SO not above whoring their actor's likenesses. I'm surprised there isn't already an officially licensed Jacob body pillow.

We could also sell dog beds to put outside of the tent. *still inside the tent*

*snort* I love it. Of course, I never was Team Jacob...

Other items: Ceremonial Third Wife Hunting Knives, lighters with "Burn the Pieces" engraved on them, and Quileute ace bandages. (Summit can use the same printing they used on the packing tape.) Oh, and how about some animal repellent spray? For when stray dogs get a little too friendly? *snicker*

So, did we forget anything? What would you like us to handcraft for you in our *fake* Etsy store?

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