Friday, February 26, 2010

Twidays: Two Arms to Hold You Tight

Is this what happens to you when you piss off the TwiCommunity? Like, is Edward Cullen's head in your bed the equivalent of a horses head?

I read Manllow as Manilow, which is scary enough. Unless, of course, you're Spank and have a weird fascination with Barry Manilow.

I'm pretty sure even then it's scary. It sounds like something that sings "Mandy" when you squeeze it.

*shudders, and not in a good way* But aside from that, I would shriek if I found this in my bed. This is worse than the Edward silhouette that you can put on your wall. To watch you ALL. THE. TIME.

And I particularly like this selling point from the designer:
"For all the twilight crazed lonely women in the world, Edward Cullen is finally here to be with you and only you." So, let me get this straight... if I'm lonely and crazy, this Manllow is for me? Perfect! I'm sure people will be lining up to buy this based on that sales pitch.

Honestly, as much as we mock this, the chick who came up with it is genius. I mean, sure we're all "ha ha ha that's so crazy" but you know she's going to make some serious BANK off of it.

Why just Manllows, though? What about a Womanllow? I'd totally snuggle up with Victoria. Think they'll stitch on a red wig?

Oooh, and then we could buy them for each other for Christmas, since we have a mutual #girlcrush on Victoria. And by Victoria, I mean Rachelle LeFevre. Not The Imposter Currently Playing Victoria. What? That is how I refer to Bryce Dallas Howard. Nothing personal, really.

Don't worry. They'll be firing her and hiring Shaun White to play Victoria in Breaking Dawn. It could work - he's acrobatic. They'll just have to pay him in Rob's old flannel.

Actually, that's a good idea.

Or it would be if Victoria weren't DEAD in Breaking Dawn. *sighs* Meadow, Meadow, Meadow. Is this what happens when you read too much fan-fiction? *snicker*

*glaring at Rain* You know, you're supposed to love and support me. Not point out to the world that my sleep-deprived mind completely forgot the ending of Eclipse. Besides, this is what happens when you read too much fanfic:

Or, maybe we just know who two of the seller's six sales went to... *grinning and ducking*


  1. Ahh!!! Those things are so creepy!!! It might not be so bad if he was proportioned correctly. I mean, what's up with the giraffe neck??? Weird.
    I do sleep in a Twilight themed t-shirt almost every night. So Edward's not watch/stalking me in my sleep, but he's still there with me! :)

  2. Bwahahaha! And that ending is what happens when I leave Meadow to finish up and publish the post! Kemmett still looks good - even surrounded by Manllows.

  3. I have a Twilight blankie. I admit it. Okay, two. Yes, one for each of the movies. But NO...this Manilow trend is just wroooong. *sips coffee from New Moon cup in her Twi-PJs*

  4. Bwahahaha! If Victoria wasn't dead in BD, Shaun White would be an EXCELLENT choice. Imagine the look on Bella's face when Victoria saunters in on her snowboard. Can you saunter on a snowboard? You can in my mind. Anyhooo... that is seriously the most frightening craft I've ever seen... except for the placenta bear, of course. Don't Google it; you'll be sorry if you do.


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