Friday, March 19, 2010

Twiday: New Moon for All!

Hey Meadow... It's time! It's time, it's time, it's time!

Oh, you did not just quote Alice. *raised eyebrow*

Oh yes I did. *flounces around*

Dear readers who do not know Rain personally, she really is like Alice: tiny, perky, plans parties, and is completely irritating in said perkiness. But she's cute and sweet enough to get away with it. I kid you not.

*flashes Meadow my most annoying Alice-smile*

Okay, back to the point, the New Moon DVD will be released tonight at midnight - if you're brave enough to go to the release parties. Or you can wait until tomorrow and get it at Target while you pick up diapers and laundry detergent.

*cough* Rain, you're such a snob. We might have readers who brave Walmart for diapers and detergent. And pork rinds. *winks and ducks*

Until then, however, Summit did bestow a gift upon the masses of eager twi-hards this week: the "Driving Home" scene.

You know what makes me laugh about this scene?

The complete and total LACK of chemistry between them?

Well, there's that, but no. I was thinking of Edward's voice when he says, "If I were a normal boyfriend..." It's the same voice as in the restaurant in Twilight, when Edward says, "I feel very protective of you Bella."

He uses the same voice for the Eclipse trailer clip. The, "I will love you every day of forever." It's his BROOD VOICE.

Ah yes, but you love the BROOD VOICE.

I do love the brood voice but I feel like sometimes his voice should be happy.

OMG, you realize Breaking Dawn is gonna kill us with that voice.
Can you see him trying to use that voice to say, "She can have PUPPIES for all I care." *dies at thought of two hours of Gravel Voice*

I think we should put together a care package for Rob when they start filming. It'll include eye drops and lozenges.

You mean IF they start filming. *rolls eyes*

So, what about you all? What are your big plans for the DVD Release? Are you having a party? Are you watching at home? I'll be watching with Mr. Rain tomorrow evening and throwing a party next weekend, because I do love to throw parties. *wink*

If you're not the party type, never fear. You can join me online. I'll be sitting alone in front of my laptop crying into my Vampire Wine.


  1. LOL - Someone on Twitter told me he sounded like Batman when talks in his brooding scruffy voice. I couldn't help but laugh imagining him in a the cape, fake muscle suit & ears saying "I'm Batman" in that voice.

  2. I second Meadow! Rain IS exactly like Alice in almost every way *cough* she doesn't get Jasper. *cough* But I love her anyway...

    And the brooding -- I am #drunktweeting this tomorrow night with Red and Sweet. I think we're gonna have to incorporate some of Meadow's drinking games into our evening.

    Love you guys!

    Spank :)

  3. *busy searching for fake nipples* I am going to a party too!! *wink wink*

    I am debating whether to take Twi-Daughter out at midnight or just go it alone and fight off the hoards of Twi-teens and Twi-Moms.

  4. I wish I was going to a party! I have tons of Twihard friends, but sadly not many that would be willing to geek out and have a party. I guess they're just not hard core!

  5. I am totally 'geeking out' and having a New Moon party next weekend. We're doing a 'theme' - Bella's Birthday, complete with a PINK birthday cake like in the book (not that retro thing that was in the movie) and other "themed" foods (GIANT muffins for the wolf pack and s'mores, because Mike Newton is "a marshmallow" according to Jacob). :)

  6. OMG @Traci! We're doing the same! Bella's birthday! Mr. Rain is making the cake (he's schooled in such things) and we're asking attendees to wear their best party frock (bc I love the word frock). Oh - and New Moon inspired drinks and dishes will win prizes. I am going to work marshmallows into my dish somehow. Fun!

  7. I am so jealous right now! My only other Twihard friend is currently getting her masters degree in England and I am in Canada. Why can't all my friends be Edward obsessed and let me throw parties, I love throwing parties. I legit threw a masquerade ball for my 25th birthday this year, with a live band, ball gowns and all! That was one of my main Bella-peeves in the series, when she didn't appreciate the awesomeness of Alice's parties.

    Wow, now that was a rant! SO...the DVD eh? I have to wait until Wed to watch it. My parents are taking a trip to Niagara Falls so I'm getting my mom to pick up the 3-disk from Target (not available anywhere in CA btw)

    Oh and I love the brood voice :) Not a huge fan of kstew's "I want you" voice though, it reminds me of the "I'm only afraid of loosing you" FAIL in Twilight.

  8. Ok... so Rain... you have to invite me to that party. Yeah, I know. Its kinda tough to come to the USA but the thought will count!
    Damn, if only I could teleport! Sheeesh!
    Meadow, I'm gonna cry in my vampire coffee cause OF COURSE the New Moon DVD is not YET released in Greece... *growls* so I'll have to sit that one out.. for now.


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