Thursday, January 28, 2010

Twidays: WTF Just Happened Here?

So, with all the discussion about when, or *gasp* IF, Summit is going to announce they are making Breaking Dawn into a movie, I've been thinking about possible marketing tools they could use to help promote it. You know - teeshirts, bumper stickers, etc. I'll get us started...

Breaking Dawn: Where a werewolf falls in love with a baby!

Breaking Dawn: We can't show you sex, but we'll give you a cracked spine!

Breaking Dawn: PG-WHAT???

Breaking Dawn: Teen Pregnancy never looked so chaste.

Breaking Dawn: Fading to black in a theater near you!

or this one, from my good friend @twiljediknight:

Breaking Dawn: Where sex is forbidden but it it totally okay for your husband to eat your baby outta your belly.

Breaking Dawn: Because "Breaking Bella" was too literal.

Breaking Dawn: Nessie Lives!

Breaking Dawn: Yeah, we think it's creepy too.

Breaking Dawn: Where nothing really happens in the end.

or my favorite from @twiljediknight:

Breaking Dawn: WTF just happened here?

Breaking Dawn: Because an Epic Battle would have been unrealistic.

Forks WA: Home of the Vampire UN

And for the DVD release...

Breaking Dawn Director's Cut: Freaky birth scene in it's entirety!

And how about the movie posters? I'm sure we'd all love for it to look like this...

It will probably be something more along these lines...

Oh my eyes! They're burning!

Meadow and I would love to hear your Breaking Dawn taglines - we know you have some good ones! Leave them for us in the comments!


  1. OMG... this had me rolling!!!
    Breaking Dawn: Where sex is forbidden but it it totally okay for your husband to eat your baby outta your belly.

    And that picture of Bella pregnant with the hands... super creepy!!! That is so wrong!

  2. Breaking Dawn: Where one night of sex is gonna get you pregnant with a vampire!

    Breaking Dawn: Where the pregnancies only last 10 days cause you're impregnated with a monster!

    Do you guys really think they will make the movie? I think Suckmit is scared and if the really are, they will do some MAJOR changes in the script. I can foresee the screaming bigots around the world saying this is unsuitable for our children and and that Stephanie Meyer is the Anitchrist.

  3. Breaking Dawn: Have a craving for eggs? You may be pregnant.

  4. Breaking Dawn: Just Say No

    Breaking Dawn: Sex scenes are a no-no, but pedophilia imprinting is the norm.

  5. You must read this article:

    Hilarious! My favorite line: "A werewolf falling in love with a baby. This is why Thomas Edison invented this shit in the first place. So we could see a werewolf fall in love with a baby."

  6. @coffeequeen - that is the best article ever! I am going to get that quote on a tee shirt - I swear it.

  7. Breaking Dawn: Three wrongs don't make a right.

  8. LOL... Some of these are priceless! You ladies are so creative! I love it!

    Breaking Dawn: No sex, but a birth scene that would make an ER nurse cringe.

    Breaking Dawn: Giving women ideas for "the perfect wedding" since 2008.

    Breaking Dawn: No major battle, but the Southern Calvary still saves the day!

    Breaking Dawn: Another abscence of Jasper and Alice. Truly, Stephenie Meyer HATES ME!!!!!

    Breaking Dawn: Get a head start; scratch your head and ask "WTF?" right now.

    Breaking Dawn: That many vampires and werewolves all in the same place and only ONE person dies? AS IF!

    Breaking Dawn: A secluded cottage in the woods never looked so good!

    There are so many tag lines out there, but those are some of my faves...

  9. OMG...lmao love you ladies


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