Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Whimsical Ficery Holiday Shopping Guide

I've been a SLOW reader lately. I'm going to blame holiday madness (and the fact that I spent three days designing 450 different Christmas cards until finding finding the perfect one). So, since I have no book to rec this week, I thought it might be fun to do a few gift recommendations (and I'd love to hear yours as well!). Basically, you're getting my holiday shopping list (I really hope my family doesn't read this post)...

For Younger Readers: I have two nephews who love Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. For the older nephew (he is 10), I'm getting The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. I rec'ed that book here. For younger boys and girls, I would also recommend The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan (I'm reading it now and loving it) or Gregor the Overlander (#1 in the Underland Chronicles) by Suzanne Collins (because you just know those are good - based on The Hunger Games).

For the younger nephew, who is seven, I'm going with KatarinasMama's recommendation of the Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi. KatarinasMama knows her books, and I think these look great. Plus - Holly Black! She's been on my TBR for a while now and I'm thinking it's time to move her books up the list.

For ANYONE: The Hunger Games trilogy. I have honestly not met anyone who did not love, or at least really like these books. I'm actually getting them for my dad, who is not exactly a YA, dystopian book kind of guy. But, I really believe that these books are so amazing, they would be a great gift for anyone.

For the Non-fiction Lover: I absolutely loved Welcome to Utopia: Notes from a Small Town by Karen Valby. I have an infatuation with small-town life and this book is all about people who live in a small town in Texas. It's very personal and definitely very moving. I usually don't go for non-fiction (obviously, since I read mainly fantasy!), but I loved this book.

For the Trendy Reader: (I just made that term up. Fancy, huh?) If you know someone who likes to be on top of the latest trend in reading, definitely get them Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I can't say I enjoyed this book, but I did enjoy reading it. I know, that makes no sense, but that is how I feel about it. It is a mammoth book, and the characters were sometimes overboard annoying, but it was interesting and definitely made a statement about living in our time.

For your Romantic Friend: Another recommendation from KatarinasMama that has been moved up on both Leigh and my TBR lists is Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. KatarinasMama had such great things to say about this book - I cannot wait to read it. Leigh saw it tweeted today that Anna and the French Kiss gives us a modern day Mr. Darcy to swoon over. She's sold, as well am I. You'll probably see me post about it soon! (And, please notice I did not say 'Romance-lover', because that brings up images of rippling abs and pecs and a damsel in distress. Not that kind of romance, mind you!)

For your Funny Friend: If you have a snarky, funny friend or relative who likes to guffaw at randomness, and has a very open mind, I say get them the Regretsy book! Leigh and I love Regretsy and regularly snicker together at the awful things Helen Killer (aka April Winchell) finds on etsy. And, I'm proud to say that I've converted my husband into a Regretsian. He spent the entire weekend poring over the website and calling me in to see things. Yes babe, I've seen the skants.

And speaking of etsy - Leigh has a great suggestion for your Writer Friends - fingerless gloves!

I want these for myself because you cannot turn pages on an ereader with gloves on, so it would also be a great idea for your Reader Friends.

And finally, Leigh had a great suggestion for readers like us. There is an etsy shop that has jewelry and other crafts inspired by the books we love! The seller categories for Becca Fitzpatrick, Cassandra Clare, and Maggie Stiefvater, among others. I think I could spend all afternoon browsing her wares. I really love this necklace inspired by Clockwork Angel.

Other fun gifts for your Reader or Writer Friends - Anthropologie has cloth-bound Penguin classics that are beautiful. I want to order all of these!! Look how pretty Sense and Sensibility is!

Leigh also found this great poster for readers, which I adore. And there is also a "Keep Calm and Write On," poster for your Writer Friends.
And, finally, Leigh has suggested SMENCILS for your Writer Friends, because, what is better than writing with scented pens and pencils?

Okay, I think we just got seriously carried away. Who knew there were so many great gift ideas for readers and writers? Do you have some to add? You know we want to hear them!



  1. Word! about the Hunger Games! I had a friend who I don't generally share book tastes with-we always talk about what we're reading, but don't so much agree on them. She told me she picked up the Hunger Games trilogy and I was way excited-but was like, oooh, yeah, I don't know if you're going to like it so much. She LOVED it and kept telling me as she went on how much. So, even those you wouldn't expect love it!

    I love the Keep Calm and Read on Poster! We have the original Keep Calm and Carry On poster-but I think the read on is more appropriate for our library! Okay, our office slash library slash music stash slash random stuff room. Whatever-it'd be a perfect addition!

  2. These are the best gifts ever!! Love the gloves -- I so need to knit myself a pair. Love the jewelry. I would just about die for those Anthropology editions of the classics. *sigh* Thank you for the shout out too...NOW GO READ ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS because OMGITSSOGOODYOUGUYSINEEDSOMEONETODISCUSSITWITHMENOW. Please. kthx. :D

  3. Ooh, I do have a book to add to this list. I saw it on my shelf last night-and was like, dude, why didn't think of that?!

    It's Zombies Vs. Unicorns by a slew of awesome YA and Supernatural authors who wrote short stories/essays about why Zombies are better OR why Unicorns are better. It's so funny and snarky and a good gift book.


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