Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday: Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

This week's Waiting on Wednesday is a mutual pick on our parts (and probably on yours, as well): Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins!

It was already way high on my list, but then the cover came out and made me all "OMGWTFBBQ WELLIES!"

*takes a break from entering Demonglass ARC contests* I LOVE THE NEW COVER!! And, I love even more that the cat made it on to the cover again. The elusive mystery cat!

Oh, the cat. I LOVE the cat. Rachel Hawkins apparently gets lots of emails about the cat. (I think she should do a middle-grade spin-off based on the cat's adventures.)

I was able to watch an interview with both Rachel and her agent, Holly Root last month. When asked about the cat, they both said that they LOVED it and that it was added to the first cover on purpose because they "wanted something that nodded at witchcraft without using a black pointy hat." So, if you're a cat-on-the-cover-hater, don't you feel bad now?

Wow. I'm glad I didn't say I hated the cat.

How can you hate the cat? He's mysterious and obviously magical, since Sophie is in London on the cover of Demonglass. He's a magic traveling cat.

I don't hate the cat! I love the cat!

Moving on from the magical, mysterious cat... Aside from the cover release, we also learned this week that THE RELEASE DATE HAS BEEN MOVED UP FOR DEMONGLASS! I can hardly wait until February 15, 2011!

Seriously. I really can't wait. *goes back to entering Demonglass ARC contests* *stops to remind you that you can win, too, by entering the contest here*

Pre-order Demonglass from Amazon, Powell's Books, or Indie Bound!

Are you waiting impatiently for Demonglass, too? What do you think of the cover? Let us know!

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  1. I've been out of town and I'm so behind!

    Okay, I'll say it-I hate the cat. Hate it. Doesn't make sense. Not even as a wink. And I wish I felt bad about it, but I don't :) But, it is kind of funny in a absolutely NO SENSE kind of way that it made it to the Demonglass cover.

    BUT, all that being said--I'M WAY SUPER CRAZY EXCITED FOR DEMONGLASS! And so excited about the new date!


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