Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WriteOnCon: Humor, Drama, and Pies

Some of you may have seen us tweeting and discussing an amazing online writer's conference that's taking place right now, called WriteOnCon. What you may not realize is that even though this is a conference by industry pros and geared toward YA writers, a lot of our favorite authors are contributing really insightful posts. Since the conference is free and open to all, we thought you might want to know about a few of the highlights involving some of our favorite authors.

Rachel Hawkins, author of Hex Hall, wrote a brilliant post about using humor in a novel (and how the humor in Hex Hall took her by surprise.) You can find the post here:

Rosemary Clement-Moore, author of the Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil series, posted a very funny vlog about understanding character reactions. The fact that she did it with pie is what makes it so entertaining. Even if you're not a writer, you should totally check it out. (Also? Mmmm.... Pie....) You can find it posted here:

Now, I admit that I'm a little biased because I have GIANT girl-crushes on both of these lovely ladies, but I think you'll agree with me. Even if you aren't a writer, be sure to check out the other posts and events on WriteOnCon.

As Stacie and I were watching a webcast from the conference last night, she messaged me and said: "This is such geek porn to me." Yup. It really is that awesome.


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  1. Hey! I know this is totally late, but thank you for spreading the word about WriteOnCon! You guys are clearly amazing.


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