Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Leigh and I thought it would be fun to join other book blogs with Waiting on Wednesday posts. Now, you know us - we're whimsical (read- lazy) so we'll undoubtedly miss some weeks, but every now and then we'll be posting about books that we cannot wait to read.

This week is a gimme in a way because EVERYONE is waiting for the release of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Even my friends who have not started the series yet. *cough*LEIGH*cough*

Scholastic has kept Mockingjay under lock & key. I'm pretty sure no ARCs were given, so the anticipation couldn't be higher. I'm kind of excited that I haven't heard ANYTHING about this book (other than the "I can't wait until..." comments), and I'm also excited to fall right back into the world of Katniss, Peeta, and Gale.

Since I read both Hunger Games and Catching Fire in one day, I'm blocking out the 24th for reading. So, ummm, does anyone want to watch two adorable little kids that day? *wink* I've also decided to get it first on the iPad, because I think that means I can get it at midnight on the 24th. Which means I'll be up all night. So, I'll still need that babysitter (or my Manny!).

What about you all? Have you waited until now to start the series? Or have you been counting down the days like I have? (And seriously, if you haven't read and don't plan on it, CHANGE YOUR MIND. This series is AMAZING.)


  1. I've been counting down! My brother in law gave me Hunger Games a bit after it had come out and I was all, WHY DIDN'T I READ THIS SOONER! But, then I realized, gah! I have to wait for Catching Fire now-(but not very long)! I bought Catching Fire right away-I was NOT waiting to borrow that one. And, the wait for Mockingjay has been kind of brutal.

    This series is very high on my favorite list-of all time. I almost dressed as Katniss for Halloween last year-but was pretty certain no one would get it. And, oddly, even though I adore Harry Potter and Twilight, etc-I would never think to get a tattoo for either-but I almost thought of getting the mockingjay pin. I still do think of it. I'm not sure if I'll pull the trigger on it or not-I can't decide if I'll still love it/understand why I did it in 15 years or not.

    I recommended it to a friend who just started Hunger Games, so she'll be ready to go for Mockingjay when it arrives :)

    I'm torn-I don't own Hunger Games, just Catching Fire, but I can't decide if I want to buy Mockingjay on my nook, or buy the real book. Seeing that you might get it for iPad makes me think perhaps it's not a big deal to get it on nook? But then I think this series has been such a big deal for me-I really feel like I should have the physical books...but I can get it really cheap in advance on the nook....ugh! What to do, what to do?!

  2. Okay, to be fair I should say that I'm waiting to start the series BECAUSE I didn't want to feel the pain that everyone else has with all of this waiting. I'm starting Hunger Games this weekend, though, and I promise to report back.

  3. I haven't started yet but I've had the first two books for a while now. I wanted to wait for MJ to come out. I can't wait to start them though!

  4. Picksee - I'm doing both. This is one that I must have the hard copy of, so I'll be ordering the ibook for the availability, but also getting the hardcover. Definitely! And I love the idea of the mockingjay tattoo! I think Katniss might be my favorite female char of all time. Maybe.

    Leigh & NiceKitty - I can't wait to hear what you think!

  5. Perhaps I'll do both...espeically since it is pretty cheap for pre-order on ebook...hmmm.

    I think Katniss might be one of my favorite characters of all time as well--she's just kind of fantastic.

    I'm kind of jealous of those who haven't read it yet and who are going to experience Hunger Games for the first time!

  6. I just recently read the first two books. I didn't do it to make the wait time shorter, but I'm glad that's what ended up happening because I CANNOT wait any longer!

  7. I've been waiting for MJ to start reading them. I'm so happy to finally get to start them!


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