Friday, May 7, 2010

Reading Rain-bow: What To Read?

So... Reading Rain-bow is going to be a little different this week. Rather than recommend a specific book I'm going to ask for your recommendations. More on that later.

BUT FIRST, HAVE YOU SEEN THE AMAZING NEW TRAILER FOR LINGER?? Maggie Stiefvater made this herself (including the music - is there anything she can't do?), and seriously, it's brilliant. The music, the imagery, the everything. I don't know if I've ever been so excited to read a book! I am planning on re-reading Shiver in July and I'm trying to hold myself to that. Watching this makes me want to grab Shiver and sequester myself in the reading room.

RIGHT? Brilliant. Linger will be out July 20th, so if you haven't read Shiver yet, get thee to the bookstore! Now! Go! *shoos you off to the bookstore*

Okay, so back to the rain-bow... this week I'd just like to talk about some books in my TBR list. I have to make a big ol' book order this week and I'd LOVE to get some suggestions from you all. I don't know if you all know, but Mr. R and I are adopting our second child, so I'll be on a VERY, VERY LONG plane ride soon and will need some good reading. I know I'm definitely taking the final book in the Percy Jackson series, but I will need more than that for our travels. (I should also mention that I'll be on somewhat of a "New Mama Leave" during the month of June, but Meadow will have lots of help, and I probably won't be able to stay away that long.)

So, here are some things on my book-order list so far:

*Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr
*The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
*The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan
*Shadow of the Sun by Laura Kreitzer

What am I missing? Any new books that I should be adding to the list? Or one of your old favorites? I'm turning the tables this week and asking for your recommendations!

P.S. You might have noticed that Twidays took a break last week. It might be taking a break lots of Fridays coming up. In fact, Meadow and I are thinking of only posting twice a week during the summer. We have a lot going on and rather than give you less-than-stellar posts, we're just going to post a little bit less. But, I'll still be here with weekly recommendations and we'll have a book-related discussion once a week too. And then if something comes up that we have to talk about, we'll just post when we want. Because we're whimsical like that. *wink*

And, don't forget our whimsical book club! Hex Hall is the book for the month, so read up and leave your thoughts in the comment box on the sidebar! The discussion will be posted on May 28th. We can't wait to hear from you!

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  1. Ooh, pressure! Well, I've got 3 books I'm always ready to recommend--they are my top 3 favorites of all time. I love them and think of them often.

    -Lamb by Christopher Moore - This is by far his best book ever. It's well written, it's clever, it's reverant, and irreverant, the characters are lovely, and it makes me laugh and cry with each read. LOVE IT. It's quite different than the Bloodsucking Fiends trilogy, which I know Rain has started, and it's different in very good ways. IMO, he found his stride with this book-all of his books after this one have been much better. I think he figured out he could be a good writer-not just a funny writer. what is it about you ask, well it's the life of Jesus Christ (aka Joshua) as a child and his friends Biff, and Maggie (Mary Magdalen). It's totally inappropriate a lot of the time, but sweet all of the time. Joshua is a lovely boy, and Biff is just hilariously bad-and he's how Joshua learns about life-since he cannot do bad things himself, being the Lamb of God and whatnot. It's at his base a story about friendship and the things friends will do you for you and with you.

    -The Adventure so of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon - I will be honest, I picked this book up years ago because of the cover. It's so striking and colorful. And, because I'd always heard great things about Chabon (he wrote Wonder Boys-which I loved the movie for-and the book too when I finally read it). The story is just as vivid-it's about the early days of comic books and focuses on 2 Jewish boys and their lives in NYC-and how they are involved with the growth of comic books. It's fantastic. I've not had anyone be disappointed with it after a recommendation.

    -Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates by Tom Robbins - This book is absurd and funny and wicked and quirky and includes, in my opinion, the best character ever written-Switters. I know he's not for everyone-but I love him. I want to meet him. I want him to be real! Not to date-because that would be terrible-but to know. I want to hang out with him. Basically he's a CIA agent who gets to do crazy things-until he becomes a fierce invalid in a hot climate--then things get even crazier when he tries to get home. Tom Robbins is a favorite of mine for sure-but this is the tippy top of my favorites of his.

    Enjoy!!! And most importantly --Good Luck with everything with the adoption and getting home, etc etc etc--That is superexciting! :)


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